Advanced Squad Leader

What's Here...

If you are curious about Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), or if you already play and want to know more, check out the ASL FAQ. Any further questions you have can be directed to the ASL Mailing List.

The ASL system is constantly expanding. As my contribution, I have prepared additional ASL rules for FOBA (Feline On-Board Artillery), written especially for all owners of "Catyushas"! Or should that be the other way around...?

What's somewhere else...

If you want to know more about ASL, or just contact other players, I recommend you subscribe to the ASL Mailing List (ASLML) to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest on ASL happenings world-wide, including news on new releases (both amateur and professional), and past, present and future tournaments. Plus the occasional rules "debate" happens here, too.

The world's best ASL site is Rodney Kinney's VASL site. What is VASL? It is simply the best thing to happen to wargaming since the invention of the hex. I strongly urge you to visit this site and get this fantastic application. You won't regret it!

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