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ok here's the skinny, me and my friend are some people that decided to make a website on things we dig.But unforunatly we r both really stupid in computers. So u cool cats just pump ur brakes.My father is a genius in computers. So one far off day it shall be the most happening thing this side of the mississippi.- ED_the tom cat_Carl
alright all of u people that have some how wanderd on to this site. I am open(need your input) for suggestions in the guestbook. I am a psychobilly guy in the hi desert and what not.We were making a site and it ended up bieng this cool huh?
This my friends is the story of HEADLESS MIKE.(GASP) It all started back in the day when this unfortunate chicken got its head cut off! After that he just ran around for quite some time with out a HEAD............
                     told by - ED_the tom cat_CARL

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