Elvis sign

October 1957
At the Pan Pacific Auditoriam, Los Angeles, CA

There are memories that I'll never forget. The night I saw Elvis. My wedding day. The births of my children. The day I saw my first book on a store shelf. Seeing my photos inside a book about Elvis! Yes, pictures I took with my old black and white camera are actually in a book about Elvis, with my name in the credits as a contributor! The book is titled Elvis - Behind the Image and is available now. My photos are on pages 18 and 19. One of the photos they used is at the top of the page, the other is below.

Well, I can't believe it! Someone else has asked to use my photos from the Pan Pacific in another book. This one is titled BIG SHOWS and besides Elvis, includes stars like Bob Hope, Nat King Cole and Ricky Nelson. I'm so excited!

I found an old newspaper article about the night Elvis appeared at the Pan Pacific. It was written by George H. Jackson and says, in part, "Another page, a fantastic page, in the growing Elvis Presley legend was written last night as 9,000 cheering, screaming fans gathered at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium for the gyrating singer's "concert" appearance." Further on, he lists some of the songs that Elvis sang, which included "Jailhouse Rock", "Treat Me Nice", "All Shook Up", and "Don't Be Cruel".

I was surprised to receive an email from a man who had been at the Pan Pacific. He wanted to know if I could send him a copy of the above article, which I was happy to do. He suggested we should try to find anyone else who was at the Pan Pacific who might have memories and/or photos to share. Soooo, if you were there that night, please email me. Maybe you have a photo I could add to my web page, or maybe you have an Elvis page of your own, and we could trade links.

I read in Entertainment Weekly (May 26, 2006) that Garth Brooks is only 2.5 million copies away from matching Elvis' record 118.5 million albums sold. I love Garth, but I hate to see Elvis' record fall.


This is the ad from the newspaper.

This is a pic of the inside of the auditorium.

This is my ticket. The man who wrote the book offered to buy it from me, but it's too precious to sell.

This is the wrapper from a candy bar that I bought that night.

This is how he looked that night.

This is the book my photos are in.


As exciting as it was to have my photos in a book about Elvis, it was even more exciting to write a book using Elvis as the hero. I thought about all those "Elvis sightings" and my imagination, always active, knew immediately what had happened to Elvis. He wasn't dead at all. He was a vampire, singing in Vegas! The book is an anthology title PARADISE, and all the stories have Elvis in them. My story is titled JESSIE'S GIRL.

The ISBN # is 0-8439-4552-4
You can find info, covers, reviews, and excerpts of my other books here


I only got to see Elvis in person once, but it was an awesome experience. I must confess, I don't really remember much about that night, except seeing him on stage in a gold suit. Wow! He was young and sexy and hotter than a Fourth of July firecracker and I was in love. Forever in love. I loved him when he was young and thin, and not so young and not so thin. He was the best, now and always.


I saw this cartoon many, many, many, many years ago in TV Guide


I found this poem many, many, many years ago...I have no idea who wrote it and can't even remember now where I found it..just thought it was cute

Enough of Elvis

I've simply had all I can take
I've got an Elvis bellyache
My teenage daughter's in a trance
I fear she'll get St. Vitus dance!
That be-bop business was bad enough
But this Presley Hound-Dog stuff
On radio, records and TV
It's just too dog gone much for me!
I think I'll down some real corn liquor
Then go after that cotton-picker
Fix them sideburns with the shears
And wrap that geetair 'round his ears
Just think how peaceful it would be
Without that guy from Tennessee

~ author unknown


DID YOU KNOW...........?

Elvis' first car was a 1942 Lincoln Zephyr

The first riot after an Elvis concert was in Jacksonville, FL on May 13, 1955

His first house cost $40,000

"Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" was the first world-wide satellite broadcast

His album, "Blue Hawaii" was #1 for 20 weeks?

He wore a size 11D shoe

He had 107 Top 40 Hits

Colonel Parker was not a US citizen


Over the years, I have collected all kinds of stuff...plates, dolls, stamps, socks, posters, pot holders, trading cards, playing cards, and watches. I have THREE scrapbooks full of pictures, TV Guide covers, newspaper clippings and magazine articles...Obsessed? Who? Me?

You've got to go to this site and download the free screen saver....ohmygosh! What great pics of the King!!!!! ELVIS


Elvis' First Movie...LOVE ME TENDER....

I recently bought some new decks of playing cards - not to play with, of course, but for the pictures of Elvis!



I haven't checked the following links lately. I hope they're all still active.

Elvis ~ Behind the Image. You've got to buy this one! My pictures are in it!

Scotty Moore, The Venues Some of my photos can be seen here, too.

The Official Elvis Presley site

You can download a really neat Elvis Screensaver here

Elvis 2000

The (unofficial) Elvis Site

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