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It's ugly, but you have to admit it's far better looking than Deep Crud Nine

Docking Procedures. Please place all food trays and seats in their original upright position. Please do not stick your arms outside window.

Hello. Please show me your indenticard or I'll be forced to conduct a full body cavity search on you. I am Security Chief Sentinel (aka Master of the Atom). I am in this position due to Mr. Garibaldi's resignation and the unfortunate events that have happened to Mr. Allen. It would seem that he used a metal fork to force out some spoo from his PPG. The doctor said he will be in MedLab for some time. Anyway, Babylon 5 is a station that is quite dirty; a port of call of scum buckets, and has the smell of a urinal. It is very much like the Port Authority Building on 42nd street in New York City. Have a fine day and a nice stay.

Lord Sentinel's ten commandments. Behold Sentinel's Doctrine!

  • My free speech is much more important than your free speech.

  • The United States of America is the greatest country ever and the center of the Earth. Deal with it.
  • America Online is the suckiest ISP server there is.
  • Kick'em when they're up; kick'em when they're down.
  • It was like that when I got here.
  • When in doubt, push a bunch of buttons.
  • Tolerance is for the weak.
  • I might not be The God, but am a lesser god.
  • Canada is not a country.
  • Soccer is not a sport.


    My other car is actually a 1983 Ford Mustang. Actually, it's my only car. A piece of junk with a V-6. If I get into an accident, I shall write Lord Sentinel's Magical Mystery Tour through the windshield.

    Doing some editing. Please be patient.

    Babylon 5 Personal Ads

    Are you single and want some loving? Then come here and choose from a wide variety. It's almost like shopping.

    Sentinel's Platinum Babylon 5 Album

    Behold my musical genius.

    Babylon 5/Remember WENN Similarities

    Two shows that are very similar

    Babylon 5 Humor

    Babylon 5 Humor Sites

    My biography

    Wanna know about me? I know that you do

    Interesting links IMHO

    Please check it out.

    Babylon 5 Links
    Babylon 5 Homepage
    The official Babylon 5 home page. This was how I got into Pathfinder. I squinted my eyes at the end of the show and saw the address and gave it a try. Now I'm hooked. Please...I need help.

    The Lurker's Guide
    Behold!!! Lord Sentinel's vast knowledge of the Babylon 5 Universe is revealed to his lowly subjects. What kind of shampoo does Mr. Garibaldi use? Are Zathras and Draal just "friends?" If Lorien, the Shadows, and the Vorlons are very old, how come they don't wear Depends Undergarments? All of these questions and more are answered here.

    Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica
    How many lavatories are there onboard a Omega-Class destroyer? Do the Vree consider picking their nose a act of honor? What are the Lumati mating habits? All here and it's all good stuff.

    Becky's Spoiler Page
    Even Lord Sentinel (your future ruler) is not infallible and requires subjects to do his bidding. SPOILERS GALORE!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Only the strong venture here. I may propose to Becky one day. :-)

    Welcome to Hyperspace
    Ships Galore. Not as good as the VEX, but it is adequate to my needs.

    And all the rest Anything related to Babylon 5 is mostly here; so sod off to those people who have e-mailed me and have said there is very little Babylon 5 here. Geez! It's not that great of a show.

    Comments? Suggestions? Organ donations? Spatulas? Send them please.


    Babylon 5, names, pictures, etc are trademarks of Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP 1997 Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP Those who do not comply will be given a beating like those given in pleasant Singapore.

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