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Well this is the second season that this site has been up. Excuse the lack of new pictures. We ran out of space on our site and we are trying to decide was we can do. We have deleted the playoff pictures.  I apologize because about 8 of our Flyers picture pages have disappeared.  I don't know if we will get them back.   However, as we asked last year, don't take this pictures to use on your site without asking.  If you find a picture that is yours please let us know so we can write your name next to it.  Please e-mail us or sign our guestbook. If you would like to see any pictures of any players e-mail us and let us know and we can find some pictures! I'm afraid that the site may not be updated as frequently as it was last season due to lack of space and also lack of time.  Also get used to the fact that when we talk about the Flyers and Phantoms we talk as though we are actually apart of the team.  We hear a lot about that from some friends but that's just the way it is!  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you come back soon!!

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Last Updated: 2/22/01
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Ok so it's been 20 days since i've updated, got kind of busy and all.  Sorry about that.  Well I've got a lot to say so bare with me here:
The Flyers have been tearing it up lately.  They have the best record in the NHL since some date in December, when Bill Barber took over.  The line of Gagne Primeau and Reechi has been arguably the hottes line going in the NHL.  No player has more points in the last seven weeks then Reechi.  How awesome is that.  Flyers are 2 points behind the conference leading Senators.  We still have win though because the Devils only trail us by 1 point.  Is this Lindros thing pissing anyone else off?  Trade him already, he's not worth the heardache.  For those of you who've had their head in the dirt and have no clue what's going on,  the Lindros rumors are flying faster than ever.  First it was a 3 way deal that would send Ketih Thacuk here, man I would gave loved that one.  But more recently Lindros was supposed to go to Toronto  for Nik Antroprov and Danny Markov.  But then Clarke wanted Tomas Kaberle instead of Markov.......and so it happens we still have Lindros.Trade him already.  I would have been ecstatic had we gotten Rob Blake for Lindros in some deal but there is no possibitly for that since Blake was trade to the Avs for Adam Deadmarsh and Aaron Miller,  Which by the way was not a deal that made Deadmarsh Miller or Avs fans at all happy.   The Phantoms have gotten 5-1 the past 6 games.  I'm telling you, it all started when a bunch of us went to a game...we're good luck;)  Congrats to the Phantoms for getting the 2nd highest crowd in AHL history, with 19, 730.  Happy to say that we were apart of that number.  Not happy to say that only one row higher and we wouldn't be able to get any further away from the ice.  Worse seats I've ever had at a hockey game.  If you go to a Phantoms game at the FU center, order tickets ahead of time, I know I will.  There finally at .500!!! They're also 3rd in their division.  Tomas Divesk was named player of the week and Mark Grieg leads the lead with 70 points.
aksldjf Thank you for all those people who wrote us and told us what u would like done to the site, much appreciated really.  We'll see what we can do about your requests and all.  Updates seem to be getting harder and harder to do as the school year progressing, more and more work to do.

Ok well i know i didn't update the site on this day but i figured i would just write another entry and tell you all about the carnival.  It was so cool really.  We got there all kinds of early and stood outside in the freezing cold.  Our friend Ericha had to sing God Bless America while waiting in line.  See, knowing someone in the Phantoms patrol isn't always good huh Ericha;)  Well Ericha, you are definately not Kate Smith but you did get a free picture with Recchi for it.  I got my picture with LeClair, Desjardins, Stock and Grieg.  Tina got hers with LeClair, Langkow, and Stock.  Stock is sooooo cool.  I actually had a conversion with him while he signed some stuff.  Guess I lucked out huh.  Also got to talk to Grieg as well but that didn't go so well because Tina and Ericha were laughing at me the whole time.  Our friend Jaime got a free picture with Williams because she knew that Todd Fedoruk was called the Fridge.  How is it all our friends got free stuff and me and Tina got nothing? Oh well it's all good.  I almost ran right into Recchi, i must have been a little out of it from seeing Richardson walk by me a few minutes earlier. Thankfully I was able to avoid Primeau when he came by.  Me and Tina both ran into the seats and got nice bruises on our legs.  We are sooo slick.  We will try and get our pictures up with the players if i ever get home to scan them in.
Flyers are playing really well still.  The game against the Pens was pretty awesome.  Played really well defensively and all. It was kind of cool.  The game against the Islanders dragged a little bit,  Could have used a little more excitment i think.  But Recchi did get a goal for his birthday and all.  LOL Today is  Jody Hull's birthday and Gary Dornhoeffer's too.  Tomorrow is Roman's birthday.  Hmmm lots of players have a birthday this month, interesting.  Luke played in his 1,000 game yesterday, the ceremony was nice.  His daughters came out on a new motorcycle and stuff it was pretty cool.  Phantoms seem to be up and down.  They lost on the 30th in OT after coming back and tying it.  Dave MacIssac, former Phantoms, scored the GWG.  It was on tv so I got to watch it, i was all excited at stuff. I need everyone's help here.  If you didn't notice we don't update the site that often.  Just kind of curious what do you want us to work on when we do update the site?  The player profiles, pictures, etc.  Let us know e mail us or something.  Thanks!!

Flyers are looking pretty good right now.  Roman was named player of the day after shutting out the Panters on the 21st.  That's always good.  Phantoms are still losing:(  That is so not a plan let me tell you.  I wanna know what is going on.  I forgot to mention this last time but the Phantoms picked up Chris Bogas on loan from the Toledo Storm of the ECHL.  This gives the Phantoms 5 rookies on defense. Hmmm maybe that could be a problem.  Brad Tiley and Mikhail Chernov are out with injuries.  Hey look, I am at school and updating the site!! How exciting!  The server is working some what fast this semester too! I am so excited. LOL not really but you know.  Any way since I have Thursday's off, i am going to try and update the site at least every Thursday, let's see how that goes.  I am working on restoring the lost flyer pages.  So far I have added 2 more.  The Boucher page and a Gagne page.  That was never seen before, go check it out.  Be patient there are a ton of pictures on these 2 pages so it might take a while to load.  Please, I apologize it I didn't give credit for some of the pictures.  I've had all of these pictures up before and I'm not sure exactly where some of them came from. Don't ger upset, just e mail us and let us know.  Thanks

Flyers won against the Panters.  Thank goodness we bounced back from that loss against the Devils.  The 4 fights were awsome seeing how we won them all.  I was surprised there was even one fight seeing how Kevin Colins was there.  The Phantoms lost against the Amerks last night.  Looks like we have to go to another game huh tina and ericha?  John Slaney has yet to play for the Phantoms.  Kind of sucks because it would be kind of cool to see him play against his former team tomorrow night.  Johnny is expected to be out another 6-8 weeks because of an infection in his back.  I am beginning to wonder if I'll see him in a Flyers uniform again.  I'll be sad if we don't trade him, he's a big part of this team and honestly, I can't see us playing against him.  Well, I am going back to school tomorrow, well today actually.  Updates will probably be few and far between being as i have no patience with the server at school.  It takes me all day to just check my mail.  When I do work on the site, it will probably be on the player profiles.

Flyers goal against the Canes.
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