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YAH!!! People I finally finished the site!!!! Sure my OVA site was sorta bullshitted and the lyrics, galleries, and graphics site still needs to be finished by adding the links (do you have any idea how difficult it is to creat just one character gallery? Let alone a group gallery!) Gomen! I'm hyper today. ^^; Anyway enjoy my site... you better cuz I worked my ass off on this site! :[

.:The Suzaku Seishi Galleries:. - I know it sounds remotely sad but this is the only gallery set that I've been able to even finish.
.:Guestbook:. - Please please sign my guestbook. There you can leave questions, comments and pretty much anything. Just no spam please cuz I really hate it when people do that! ><

I'm considering the option of putting up a Navigation page and a FAQ page... *sweatdrop* more work... oh and a policy page too. But since I don't have one up yet... scroll down (the small scroll) and read carefully please.

My Policies

I'm not a stickler to anything. All images are free of use because they are not mine, as well as my information and music. BUT I expect a link to my site if you plan to use it just because I really did work my ass off collecting all that stuff for you people to use! So do me a huge favour and link me PLEASE! Click here to place a link to my site. Also, some images are obviously stuff that I altered myself (therefore giving myself an even larger amount of work) Those are NOT to be used at all cost. If they are, I will hunt you down and make sure you'll pay for it!!! If you really do want to use them, ASK ME FIRST!!!! Oh and please, do not for any reason copy paste my information. I took the time to alter mine as should you.

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