It's not that often that I sit down and write a poem, although I wish I was talented enough to write one every day. I do enjoy writing and I am proud of the few I've written, even though I know they aren't that good. I hope you enjoy them :)


The poems "The Garden" and "Wings" are poems written by my Dad. I loved them so much I had to add them :)


"High Above" "I Will Love" "Instincts"
"My Rainbow" "Never Bending" "Sometimes Wrong"
"The Softest Love" "Two Souls" "Ode To My Computer"
"The Gem Within" "The Garden" "Wings"
"Healing" "Dark Clouds" "Mistakes"
"Falling" "What's So Clear" "Complete"
"A Thousand Tears Away"


"All You Mean to Me" "Broken" "Cluck Cluck"
"Heart to Heart" "Horizon" "In the Thick of It"
"Life Roads" "Noise" "Remember the Days"
"The Greatest Risk" "Where You Are" "Look Inside"
"Winter Storm" "I Cry For Dawn" "Dawn Has Come"
"Perhaps Something More" "My Heart Sighs" "What I Need"
"Chosen Isolation" ~ "Whispers On My Mind"


Here are some lyrics to my favorite songs. Music is an important part of my life and some songs seem like they were writen 'just for me'. So the lyrics below might not be grammy winning songs or they might even be songs that are 'pop' music and just fads, but I still enjoy them and they still mean something to me.

"Full Of Grace" "In The End" "Sweet Baby"
"Something More" "The Spaces Between" "There Will Come A Day"
"You Got It Bad" "What I Really Meant To Say" "Always"
"Angel" "From This Moment On" "I Can't Make You Love Me"
"Right Here Waiting" "I Gotta Be" "Iris"
"Love Is" "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" "What My Heart Says"
"Yesterday" "You're The Only One For Me" "Running Away"
"Only Hope" "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" "Don't Stop Dancing"
"Prayer of Saint Francis" "Miss You" "These Are The Days"
"Ready For Love" "My Sundown" "Dance With You"
"Overcomed" "Beautiful" "Run To The Water"
"I Could Fall In Love" "I'm Moving On" "Let Me Love You"
~ "Praise Chorus" ~


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