I often have problems finding 'just' the right site that I'm looking for, so when I find one I like, I want to share it! LoL. So I hope you find these sites as useful as I have :)



Elibrary - Research Without Legwork


Link Ware Lane - Dingbats

Mark's Apology Note Generator

Mmsd Planetarium's Hotlist

Quiet Cove Music - Music Of Dave Edwards


Terraserver Homepage

The Midi Files


Astronomy Calculator

Duct Tape Vs. Duck Tape - An Explanation

First Names And What They Mean

Leonid Mac '99 - Flux Estimator

Making Friends And Other Crafts For Kids

Midi Search Engine Let Midi Explorer Find Your Files

Packrat Fonts And Dropcaps

Songs For The Butterfly! A Poetic And Musical Tribute

Techtv The Screen Savers

The Dialectizer

Three Mad Cows

Welcome To The Virtual Meditation Temple

A World Of Fantasy

Chat-o-rama Smileys

Discovery Channel Cams

Faeries, Elves And Whatnot

Geraldfield.com Quizzes

Jennifer's Owl Page

Llfw Mermaids

Midi Collection Offline Files

Mystic's Mood Shoppe ~ Linkage Around The Web

Sky Charts, Free Astronomy Software , Celestial Atlas

Techtv Free Download Archive - Fun And Games

The Cable Connection! Links!

The Owl Pages


Node357 (This is one of my best e-buddy's page,
be sure to check it out! Lots of great stuff here)


Cloudy's Chateau

Domestic Violence Unit Home Page


Infotrieve Online - ArticleFinder

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

4EverPink ~ PSP Tubes


The Chihuahua FAQ

The National Autistic Society

Always Evolving

PubList.com Home Page

Tink's Web



Art Hodge

District 37

The Internet Renaissance Band

Bruce DeBoer's Original Compositions

Geoff's Music

Night Angel Productions

Songs of Praise

Wav File Search Engine Music Robot Finds Your Wav Files

Christeens Place Midi Files


Always Evolving

Cloudy's Chateau

NOAA Photo Library Home Page

I've got your nose!

Animal Info - Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals

Animal Information & Images

Animal Pictures Archive

Animals! The Animal Information Center

Vicki Hodge

Welcome to Discovering Montana - the official state website

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Welcome to the State of Wyoming


Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names


Rising Sun (Online Role Playing Game)

Welcome to Aiun (Online Role Playing Game)



Human Space Flight Web Gallery

Allsorts' Dog Pictures

The Avalon Fishing Pier of the Outer Banks in North Carolina (My Mom loves this site)

Darth Maul (Star Wars Site courtesy of my friend ShadowDragon)

Fanfiction.net (Fanfiction site courtesy of my friend Etrall)


iVillage.com (This is a fun site with lots of cute things!)

~Search Engines, webrings and other links~

WebRing (Geocities)

Graphics Search Engine

Freeality Internet Search Engines

Beaucoup! 2,000+ Search Engines, Indices and Directories

Over 500 Up-To-Date Bookmarks and Links, updated regularly

Freeality Internet Search Engines

Over 500 Up-To-Date Bookmarks and Links

Lyrics Search Engine


A Web of On-line Dictionaries

~Cards, Poems and More~

ThePoeticLink.com Poetry Database


Lovingyou.com: Love Poems & Poetry


The Father's Love Letter


Looking Up - Feed your heart, mind, and soul

Famous Quotations Network

Angel blessings

MyPostCards.com Network Search

Mackinac Island Butterfly House

Passions in Poetry - Love Poems Friendship Poems and More

Poems on Life

Precious Moments Community


Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards

*Be Mine* Greetings


I credit Jamba's for most of the beautiful backgrounds
on my poem and lyric pages. So please take a look!

101 Sunsets And More

100 best TUBES

~ Karinīs Creations ~

Fairies from WonderFlight

PSP Toybox Home

The Busy Person's Guide to Paint Shop Pro


Free clipart pictures

Free Images - Free Stock Photos

Free stock images

Graphics Search Engine

Flower Graphics by Pat

~ Jeff & Tracey's Gifs ~

Jeff & Tracey's Butterflies

LS Graphics

Johanna's Art

Angels Design

Eleu X- Free Hawaiian Graphics

Beyond Graphics

BtN Designs

Butterfly Eve Web Graphics

Deanna's Cyberthstones for your web page!

Dreamcatcher Graphics

IconBAZAAR - Bars and Banners - Egyptian Motifs

Mark Charneski's Fresh Flower Scans

Flower Graphics by Pat

The Design Heaven Gallery


Seashell's Graphics

Phyllis's Backgrounds

Wendy's Backgrounds

Electronic Zoo

~HTML Help~


Dynamic Drive DHTML

HTML Mad Really Easy

JavaScript Source (A little bit of everything)

Kurt's Free Original DHTML

Lissa Explains it All HTML Help for Kids

HTML Goodies

Sir Danimal's Tools

MagickStudio 2000 (Helpful for WebTV)

~Free Stuff~



Fontasy.org - 1500 fonts for free !

Krazy Freebies

Desktops Unlimited

The Fontpool

The Free Desktop Themes Guide

The Top20 Free Sites

Top 200 Free Stuff Sites

1001 free fonts!




Font Paradise

Comet Cursor

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