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Chapter 4 – The world and me:Well, I’ll rule it eventually…

My sister looked at me with that sweet smile of hers and answered, “Yes?”

“You’re in a better mood than usual,” I replied before sipping my drink.

Kasumi smiled brighter than before.“It’s such a beautiful day today, that’s why.”

Will wonders never cease…

Then, while looking from the corner of my eyes, I commented with my eyes closed, “Seems like the fiancees are upset once again.”

Surprisingly, Akane shook her saying, “No, I’m not mad at Ranma this morning.”

Ranma raised an eyebrow and placed his hand on her forehead.“You don’t have a fever…”

BAM!Akane had once again brought her hammer down on his head from hammer space.“There’s nothing wrong with me, you idiot!”

“Spoke too soon.”I again sipped my drink.“Oh well, I’m leaving.”

I soon left the table and put on my shoes.Then, I was out walking towards our high school, my favorite part of the day:the preliminary thoughts to making money for today.

“Ha.”Now what was I supposed to do today?I took out the pictures of girl-Ranma.A little money on the side never hurt anybody.Besides, no matter what, those perverts called boys (aka loyal customers) at school didn’t care that they were Ranma’s pictures.And they still were selling pretty well. 

Then again, I would always tempt Kunou-baby to his face, sell them for some ostentatious price, and have another sold out session.

I shook my head with a smile.“Pure genius.”

Then, I shivered in disgust.I’ve been too long in a classroom with Kunou.Just to think that I even spoke and acted like that stupid kendo boy right now.

My mind wandered into other things.At least my deep, dark secret would never be revealed.I mean, seriously, doesn’t anyone think about where DO I get and SAVE all the money I have? How do you think Daddy ever repaired the damage to our property, hmm?Let’s just say that I have enough to move out and make a booming business.

But the market was in sort of slump right now, so I haven’t been able to do anything.Yet.

I sighed.There he went.I had to slip Dad money again.I had been doing that for about two years now without interest.Without interest?Hey.I am not a total, heartless bitch…

Without any source of income for three unwed daughters, two freeloaders and himself, my neurotic father had turned to me.And how could I say no?Of course there were times like ordering the sushi and such that just drove him up the wall and Ranma had known that I would do that.But that’s a front.Tsk.

Tsk.Tsk.My reputation would be ruined if anyone knew that I, Nabiki Tendou, had some sort of compassion in her business-minded motivation.And we wouldn’t want that happening…

“Ah, it is the fair Nabiki Tendou.”

“And so the idiocy begins,” I comment as I sit down at my desk.“What a great way to start every morning.”

But, being the demure, yet clever Tendou, I must persist.And so I shall.

I laid my head on the palm of my head and smiled at Kunou.“I have a business proposition for you, Kunou-baby.”

“My ears are perked for your discretion, Nabiki Tendou.”He leaned closer to me.

The pics, postcards and posters were spread out on our desks.“What do you think, Kunou?Care to make a bid before I open it to the public?”

“I will take them all!Wahahaha!”

He handed me the money and shoved it into my pocket.But then, he whispered, “Any merchandise of the pure-hearted Akane Tendou?”

“What do you think I am?”I smirked.“O ye of little faith…”

I once again graced him with pics of my sister.


“It was nice doing business with you, Kunou-baby.”I flipped the money with my thumb.“Yes, everything is there.”

“You would think the great Tatewaki Kunou would swindle you?”

“No, but I must take care of my prospects.”

“People were so easy to manipulate.”I smirked to myself while walking alone from school.

While passing a store window, I looked at my reflection for a few seconds.“Heh.”

The pigtails that used to be on me were now gone.I wasn’t a little girl anymore; I was a woman.A business woman, at that.

Looks wouldn’t get me anywhere.That belonged to Akane in addition to cuteness.As for sweetness and humility, that was Kasumi’s realm.I learned long ago that I had nothing to show for myself but a brain.That alone would get me somewhere in life…

I was the middle child.No one really notices the middle child.But almost all people that ‘knew’ me now cowered at my ‘abilities’.They could never conquer over me.Never.I wouldn’t ever let them.

I almost clenched my fist, but then I remembered, I was out in public.I took a deep breath.Keep calm, Nabiki, keep calm.

Show any weakness and it’s all over…

“Oh, welcome home, Nabiki.”

There Kasumi Onee-chan stood before me with a sweet smile upon her face.

“Hi, Kasumi Onee-chan.” I greeted as I took off my shoes.

I wish along the way…

…I wish I could have learned to smile…

…like that…

Ah, but that was a human’s weakness.There was nothing left within me to achieve that feat.A smile?No longer, I leave that to Kasumi Onee-chan.

I didn’t need a smile to conquer the world.I needed my shrewdness… How else was I supposed to get through life?

Again, I looked at my reflection in front of my full-length mirror in my room.I flipped my hair to one side and smiled the only way I could.“And yet again you have conquered, Nabiki.You always will.”


Author’s notes:Yes, I know, I know, this is totally ooc, but, remember, this is just a fanfic with a fanfic writer who wanted to delve and see what would come to mind if I myself was Akane…Ranma…Kasumi…Nabiki…etc.And I had wanted to give a new perspective to things and make them more ‘human-like’.

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