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Stuck in a Dream by Yui Miyamoto

Chapter 1 ? An offer you can't refuse?

I'm otaku Ami Chiba.Somehow, well, it's actually due to Kami?sama that I got to got here.I remember being asked the question of "Would you leave your current life to be in your favorite anime knowing you would NEVER come back?"

My mother gave me a look of disapproval as I said matter?of?factly to the magazine, "Yes."

Now, here I am praying that this will work out and thanking God for this opportunity.

At the end of this portal (a portal to change worlds) would be Nerima!I landed on my butt upon the pavement.With a backpack on me, I got up.Wow!I looked at myself from side to side.Chinese clothing like Ranma's, alright!

In amazement, I was awed to see that I was quite shapely, a bit busty, and had black hair in a pigtail.(Man!My dream body wasn't with me in reality!)In other words, I was like Ranma girl?type only a bit shorter with black hair.

I ran to the Tendou residence.The door was open, but I knocked anyway.

"Hello," I said politely."Is anybody there?"

Kasumi, the eldest Tendou, greeted me with a smile."Konnichiwa.May I help you?"

"You see, I'm looking for my bro?"I immediately stopped when I hear two people fighting outside and coming to the gate.One said, "What did you have to do that for?!A'int you got nothing better to do?!"

The other exclaimed, "You should listen to me once in a while, Boy!"

I was crying in happiness as I turned around to see them.Ranma and Genma were walking towards us.I ran to hug Ranma.

"W?what?" he asked confused."What did I do this time?"

His father looked at me quite curiously.He peered at us in different angles and positions.But, he couldn't see my face because Ranma's hair was blocking it.

I let go of him and slapped Ranma in the back of his head.With an angry tone, I shouted, "You guys just had to leave me in China, didn't you?!If you don't recognize me, I'll kill both of you!"

"Kappei?chan!"Ranma smiled as he hugged me with father squishing us.

"Ara!" Kasumi gasped as she looked at us.We all walked inside to the den after they introduced me to Kasumi.This was going to be a long day!

"So," I asked seriously, "how come you left me in China?!"

"Well.."my father drifted off.

"Our old man is too cheap, that's what!"

"Just because I can't swim, you guys made me FLY over there!"

"What happened to you anyway?"Ranma looked at me with concern written all over his face.

"You let me wander off!I followed someone, but they got me nowhere!By the time I made it to Shampoo's village, tour guide told me you had already fled!Something about a 'Kiss of Death'."Ahem.

"Who did you follow?"

"Can't tell you."


“Don't bother explaining about the stupid cursed spring because I know what happened to you and Dad.The guide told me everything.Sheesh, Ranma?san!You playboy!Now what?You have three fiancees?"

"It's all pop's fault."

I glared at my father and sighed in frustration."It is always Dad's fault.Say no more."

For some reason, the subject changed because Ranma?san knew I was already fired up and out to kill Dad and/or him.It was not easy.

At that moment, Akane and Nabiki came into the room.Their jaws dropped as they looked from Ranma then to me.What do you expect?!My brother and I looked like twins, but with a one year difference.Unfortunately, I happen to be the younger one.

They walked over to us and sat down.

"Ranma," Akane furiously asked, "Another fiancee?!"

"No, stupid."He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me so that we were next to one another."She's my sister.Kappei Saotome.Now say hi to fiancee number one, Akane Tendo."

"Hi."I looked at her."Mom sure was right about you.You are pretty."

"Um, thanks."

"And you," I said as I turned to face my brother, "you two are in trouble with mom already for not writing one letter!"

Dad cringed.Ranma kept calm and commented to Akane as he pointed at me, "Now, Akane, if there's anyone more tomboyish than you and has more brute strength than I do, it's her."

We did our introductions, but Akane was still disillusioned as Nabiki was.

"You said you were an only child, Ranma," Nabiki spoke up.

My father splashed himself and played with a tire nonchalantly.I went to the kitchen and politely asked Kasumi for hot water.

I came back to splash him back to normal.(Whatever normal is for dad, hmph!)

As soon as he did, I grabbed his shirt."What the heck did you say, old man?You should have said you had two sons!"

"Yeah, I told him, but you know him."Ranma ate some crackers as he watched and did nothing."That's why she came with us to China.Remember what mom said about training me to be a man?"

"Sorry.You're usually not like this to me, Kappei."He sweated in fear as he looked at my fiery blue eyes.

"Sorry, Father, but I'm really annoyed with you right now!"

"Uh oh."Ranma warned."She's ma?ad."

"What's so bad about that?"Akane innocently questioned."I do that to you all the time and everyday."

"But she wreaks havoc and can spread hell when SHE'S mad," he explained."Even I don't mess with her."

Looking at him, I smiled widely."It's 'cuz I'm better than you."

"Oh yeah?!I've trained a lot since you've been gone.I challenge you!"

I dropped my father."We'll settle this later, Dad."

"I accept!" I shouted to my brother.

My brother glanced over the side to Akane saying, "See?I was prepared with this tomboy before I met you.So, I'm well?trained with girls who act like guys!"

"Why, you!"Akane shouted as she picked up the dining table.

I calmly instructed her, "Please don't.I'll take care of him.Forgive him, he's such a jerk."

Akane retorted, "Tell me about it."

We ran to the yard across the den.

"Ready when you are," he coaxed.

"Why do I have to always start?"

"'Cuz you're the girl."

"A girl?!I'll show you who's a girl, you cross?dresser!"

"Hey!Just like the good old days!"

"I know!" I affirmed.

The "challenge" was on.I ran to him and quickly punched his vulnerable spots in a remarkable speed faster than his 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire'.He sat on the ground in defeat.

"Fifteen seconds," Dad announced while holding my stopwatch.

"Amazing," all three Tendou sisters chanted.

"I've got to train more."I helped him up, but he said to the crowd, "No one tells a

single soul about this!"

"You did quite well, but you must train with me," I said."Learning those pressure points and using the katana really worked."

I kissed him on the cheek as always. I am sweet but very temperamental, you see.

"What are you doing to my son?in?law," a voice inquired as he entered the den.

I turned around to see Mr. Soun Tendou himself.

"Don't worry, Tendou.Meet my other child, Kappei Saotome."

"But you said..."

"You know how he is, Mr. Tendou," I sighed.

We bowed to each other.Then, we went over to the table to eat the dinner Kasumi had prepared.

"Um."I squirmed and looked at the ground because I was shy."Mr. Tendou?I have nowhere to stay.May I live here?"

"Let me think about it."

"But Mr. Tendou, I promise I'll pay you back for everything Big Brother owes right now."

He thought a bit."Alright!"

"Thanks!"I ran over to hug him.

"How about me," Father asked.

"You said you only had one child."

"I'm sorry, Kappei."He was begging.I couldn't bear it.

"Okay, Dad.Enough already.Mr. Tendou, I'll pay for his damages too.Also, I insist on paying rent."

"That's great.But, uh, where will you sleep?I know?"

"She's sleeping next to me," Ranma?san ordered.

"What?!" everyone shouted (except dad).

"Always have."I nodded my head.

"Why not next to me," a voice behind me tested.He jumped and I punched him in the face.

"Why, young lady," Happosai cried.

"You, pervert!Get away from me!!"

"All I want is to cry on...your bosom!!"

I slapped him in the head to make him fall to the ground.Hard.

"Grandfather Happosai?"I followed Bro's seduction plan."I'll make you a deal.(With big eyes.)I'll let you have what you want if you defeat me."

"Really?"He stopped crying.


I ran to the yard again and did what I did earlier.With a tap, he fell backward.

Everyone clapped.

"You're good," he said.

I ran to the back and brought him a box of his silky darlings.(I've heard too many stories from my mother of what my father did to know what he wanted.)

He jumped right into the box with eyes that told me, "Domo arigato."But, I went over to him and made him stand straight on the box as I kissed his forehead.

Everyone fainted.Grandfather just swooned."I was just kissed by a beautiful girl.I am in heaven.Woo hoo!"

"I know you've got to have some nice quality in you."I stood there for a moment.

"What's wrong with you?!"Ranma?san screamed as he came and grabbed my shirt from behind me.He hit his hand on his forehead in disgust and confusion while shaking his head from side to side.

Happosai ran to my feet.

"Can you promise me something," I asked while kneeling to his height.


"Just don't do perverted things on or in front of me, okay? Or I'll take away your privileges.There's a lot more of that stuff if you want some."

"You're so nice."He patted my head.

"Don't steal anymore and I'll give you a small warehouse of this where you can 'go to heaven'."


"Only if you're good and don't bug me."

"Okay."He crossed his heart and ran around like a little kid.

"Why can't you guys be like her!" he shouted while pointing at me.

Chapter 2 ? Registration is such a pain!

Now, the next day, I am going to school with brother and sister Akane.We walked on the gates hand in hand while Akane strolled on the sidewalks.Today, I was going to school early with them to be registered.

"Brother, I have a problem."

"What's the matter, now?"

"I don't know whether to put male or female on my transcript."

Suddenly, he let go of my hand as he slipped grabbing onto the gate.Akane laughed.I just stood there eyes?wide with my problem.

"You're a woman, you dummy!"

"But I don't want to be one!"

"Whatever!"He has had it with me.Uh?oh.

"Brother!Do I have to wear a uniform?" I whined.

"No.Just where what you've always worn."He slapped his forehead again.

"Thanks, Big Brother."

"No problem.But this time, please put that you're a girl alright?Last time, we got into many problems because of that."

"Really?"Akane laughed.

"Yeah.That last all?boy school I went to.People totally were fooled by her until someone grabbed her chest while fighting for food in the cafeteria!"

"But you know who did it?!" I screamed in anger.


"Some enemy of Ranma?san's that I beat to a pulp!"

We had reached the front of the school.Sure, I'm outgoing, but I'm really shy meeting new people.(The Tendous don't count, they're family.)It seems like quite a paradox, but you don't build much in the social skills department when you're on the road.No, no, no, let me rephrase that, when you have my father, need I say more?

So, I hid in back of Ranma?san holding onto his shoulders as if I were pushing him.Actually, he was dragging me!

"Introduce us," some guys begged.

"Leave her alone," Ranma?san defensively ordered.

"C'mon.Another fiancee?Haven't you got all the luck?"

"I'm his sister, you dork!"Well, that was the end of my shyness.


"Guys, meet Kappei.I must warn you, treat her like a man," Ranma?san warned.

"You got that right," I second the motion.

We went to the main office and registered.Without a test, I was accepted.Why?Two words:Scholar (not to brag or anything) and principal (a weirdo).Ranma and Akane were in their Sophomore year, but I was in my Junior year.

Since we still had an hour until school started, they toured me around.It was a pretty big school.I knew I was going to like it here.

We went to their homeroom first.All the people stared at us as I sat on a desk.Brother stood in front of me as I swung his hands.

"Brother," I asked patiently, "can I cook dinner tomorrow night?I'll teach Akane."

"N?no way!"

"Sister Akane?"I turned my head to her."I'll cook with you tom. night, okay?Don't worry, you'll do great!"


"You really are a pain," my brother complained.

"But am I an uncute pain?"I asked as I hugged him.

"No, you're real cute."


Everyone just wanted to know what the heck was going on!Why do I have to tell?I'll let Brother do that this time.

"I've got to go."

"Fine, I'll see you at break at your classroom, Kappei?chan."

"Bye, Sister Akane," I sang as I hugged her goodbye.

When I left, my brother asked himself, "Chotto matte.Isn't that Kuno and Nabiki's room?Oh, no."

"Why, hello," Nabiki greeted me while she gave an indication that she was shocked to see me."Your classes aren't with your brother and Akane?

"No," I sadly say.Sheepishly, I whisper to her, "I'm a junior.They said that I was smart enough to be one."

"Isn't that nice."

"Sister Nabiki?Can I ask you to do me a BIG favor?"

"Pay me."

"I'll give you 5,000 yen at home.In cash.Sound good?"

"I'm listening."

"Introduce me to the stupid swordsman who is in love with my brother as a girl."

"Is that all?"

"That's all I ask."


We got up to go to the chalkboard.I know who Kuno is, but I needed for him to know who I was.Sister Nabiki tapped his shoulder so he turned around.

"Why it is the lovely, Nabiki Tendo," he chanted."And who may this young lady be?"

"She's Ranma's younger sister, Kappei Saotome."

The whole class was silenced.Nothing gets by these people!

"No, you look like my pigtailed goddess!Your clothes, your eyes, only your hair color has changed.But you've changed it just to disguise yourself and see me!Don't hold your passion?"Bam!

He tried to hug me, but I kicked his face.

"I was right.You really are stupid."

"My pigtailed girl!"



"How do you stop him?"We both watched as his head was still under my foot.

"Now that's something even Ranma couldn't figure out."

"Great," I complained.

"Hey, you," I called to the ground."Are you still alive down there?"

"Do you think this petty incident will bring down Furinkan High's Blue Thunder?"

I've had it."Upperclassman?I am his sister!Ranma's SISTER."

But that thick head of his wouldn't take it.I grabbed his hand and an emergency pot.Then, I filled it with cold water.We went off to see Ranma?san.

"Oh, to be touched by Venus herself," Kuno recited.

"Oh, shut up."I like Shakespeare, but it's too early in the morning, Upperclassman.Gee, I wonder how Brother gets through the day?

"Brother," I cried."Kuno thinks I'm you as girl?type disguising myself with black hair!Turn into a girl for me, please?"

"No."He looked back at me."Ah, don't give me that Look!Fine, fine.”

He went to the pot and splashed it upon himself.

"Two pigtailed beauties?!" he exclaimed."It's a dream come true!"

“Kuno, I’m the real one.”

For once in his miserable life, he actually understood without spelling it out to him.

“So that one’s really his sister?”

We nodded in unison, but I ran to get hot water and splashed it on Ranma-san.I thanked him; Kuno was still amused by me.We walked up to our classroom.

“Upperclassman,” I challenged, “I’ll meet you outside of school in the yard in the back after school.”

“You’re very sweet.You’re asking me to go on a date with you?”He held his head in contemplation.

I fell to the ground, but got up rather quickly saying, “No, Upperclassman!I challenge you!All I ask is that if I defeat you, please leave my brother alone-I mean, your pigtailed goddess alone.”

“I don’t know, fair Kappei Saotome.”

“Please?”I begged as I held his shoulder smiling sincerely.

“Sure!But if I win, you’ll go on a date with me?”

“Yeah.Heck, if you’re really a nice guy, I’‘ll go on a date with you anyway.”

When we got to the classroom, our teacher introduced me to the class.I was assigned to a seat next to Kuno!(I’m cursed and I don’t need a spring, do I?)

As always, I paid attention to my teacher.The day wasn’t so bad.Lunch was a great time to relax, but guys wouldn’t stop hassling me.

By the afternoon bell, I was pumped up.Upperclassman stood on the lot waiting for me...and so did the rest of the school.Obviously, gossip travels fast here!

Ranma-san ran to me and shouted, “What are you doing THIS TIME?!Can’t I ever take my eyes off you?!”

“I’m defending your honor, stupid!”

I pushed him to the sidelines.

Upperclassman ran to me trying to use his fencing techniques.What I did in return was juimp on his sword numerous times as I hit his pressure points.

He fell to the ground.I ran to his side and bowed. “I didn’t know I’d actually injure you.I’m really sorry Upperclassman.”

I then grabbed his hand to help him up.He was surprised by this act of kindness.

“Friends, Upperclassman?No more chasing my bro-I mean, the pigtailed goddess?You promised.”

“Truce.Tatewaki Kuno never smites off his own verbal agreements.”

I nodded because I already had a headache hearing him like this all day.(How does my brother put up with him?!At least Akane and Kasumi seem to look like “ordinary” people...)

I dizzily walked away with my hand waving in the air behind me.

Ch. 3 -There’s A Guy I Like...

Tonight, Father, Mr. Tendou, and Grandfather went out training.This time around, it was not perverted, but out camping!(Yeah, uh-huh, that’s what he PROMISED.)

I laid awake of our futon next to Ranma after I prayed.It was pretty obvious that I was thinking because Ranma turned to his left side and let his head rest on his left hand.“What’re you thinkin’ about?”

“Just thinkin’...about...someone...”

“Who?”He became more defensive.“My little sister has a crush on someone?!”

Frankly, I think he was overreacting because he fainted with the infamous Takahashi hand sign.Ten minutes later, he was wide awake and pissed at me.


“Ranma-san.I...like this guy, but he’s...well...” I trailed off.

“You like Kunou?!I think I’ve seen enough.”

I looked at him in horror.“NO, STUPID!!!I’M NOT THAT STUPID!!!RRR!”

That’s when I took his collar.“DO I LOOK THAT DESPERATE?!”

“Then who?!”

I plopped him down on the ground.“I can’t tell you!”

“I can’t BELIEVE you!Of all the girls in the world.The girl who really is most like a man likes a guy.”He scratched his head in frustration.

(Gulp.)“Well, don’t say it so loud!Want the whole world to know?It’ll ruin my reputation.”I sat up, folded my arms, and nodded my head.“Yup, it would.”

He hit my head.“Ow!”

“Go to sleep.You’re thinking about this at two in the morning.”

“Yes, Brother.”I hugged him and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up rather abruptly because Ranma-san was now in a weird position.He was such a slob in sleeping and I took after him!

“Good morning, Brother!”


We got up, went to the bathroom, and changed clothes.I fixed our futon and headed downstairs.

“Sister Kasumi!”I ran and kissed her good morning.


“Can I cook tonight?”

“Why, sure! Just give me the list of ingredients.”

“Here.”I handed her a piece of paper with money.

A long-brown haired girl met us on the way to school.I think she’s kind of mad at me.

“And who are you,” she rudely quizzed while watching my hand in Ranma’s.

“I’m his sister, Miss Ukyou.”

“You know my name?”

“Sure!You make the best okonomiyaki in Japan!But unfortunately, he (pointing to Ranma) NEVER let me try any!You know how cheap he is...”

“You a’int worth it,” Ranma-san joked with a smile.I really, really loved my brother.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Kappei, Miss Ukyou.”

“Too bad I didn’t meet you yesterday.I had a cold.”

I nodded and then innocently asked, “Are you fiancee number two?”

“Geez!”Ranma-san covered my mouth and sheepishly smiled at her.“She’s only book smart, but not anywhere else.Temporary insanity-“

I bit his hand.“Hey!What’d I say?”

Miss Ukyou stated matter-of-factly, “I am his official fiancee.”

“But you love Akane, right?I don’t get it.”I tilted my head.

He hit me on the head and grabbed his chest as if he were having a myocardial infarction (in laymen’s terms: a heart attack. :p).“You idiot!”

“What DID I DO?!” I screamed.

“Hmph! Play favorites!”Ukyou just walked away from us.

When she was gone, Ranma-san sighed.“You’re getting ME into trouble now with your mouth.”


“Hai?”He breathed out.

“Do you know why I fought Upperclassman yesterday?”

“Just kick his butt like what you usually do?”

“No, silly!I let him promise not to bother his ‘pigtailed goddess’ any longer.”

“Why’d you do that for?I can fight my own fights.”

“Excuse me!I just did it for you!”

“Ahem.Thanks.”He turned his head to me.“Don’t get mad or nuthin’ I was just playing!This is really gonna help me out.”

“Glad to be of service!”I gave him a big hug.

Class dragged on forever!I was there drawing sketches of one of my favorite cartoon characters.Upperclassman just stared at me, though!(Shivers are going down my spine.)

When we went home, we stopped by the Nekohaten.There was an opening for a waitress; so I had to apply!I dashed to the restaurant without thinking.

“Hold on there.”Ranma-san held the back of my shirt.“Wait, Kappei-chan.I worked like that and you know how it was.”

“Yeah, but I wanna try!I’m not fighting for a phoenix pill, either.Pretty please?”

“Go ahead.I HATE it when you give me that LOOK of yours!”

We went inside.

“Excuse me,” I politely inquired the little old lady on a stick.“I want to apply for the waitress job.”

“Oh.What is your name?”

“Kappei Saotome, ma’am.”

“You’re related to my son-in-law?”

(Seems like everyone is one way or other, blood relative or not, I think.)

She peered at me from front to back.

“Yes, ma’am.I’m his little sister.”

“Got any experience?”

“No, but Brother over there didn’t either.”

The hissing of cooking was heard.She made me carry trays to customers.

“You’re good.Okay.I’ll take you in, but you have to wear a uniform.”

“Ma’am, please, no skirts!”

“She don’t wear skirts.Too guy.”Ranma-san explained.

“Oh, I see.Well, just wear what my granddaughter Shampoo is wearing.”

“Thank you,” I shouted and hugged her in gladness.(So I’m very perky, sue me!But then you’ll have to go through my dad, my brother, and my *brr* mother.How my parents ever had a second child will always amaze me.)

“We have new waitress, Great-Grandmother?”Shampoo asked from serving a table.

“Yes.Meet Kappei Saotome, Son-In-Law’s little sister.”

“Kawaii!You look like twins!”

She gave me my uniform as Mousse came out of the kitchen.Accidently, he tripped over a chair.

“Are you okay, Mousse-san?”I took his hand and pulled him up.

His glasses were on the ground.I placed them back on his head.“You see okay?”

“Ranma Saotome?”

“Kappei Saotome.”

“Um, thanks.”

I think Shampoo got kind of jealous because she deliberately went in between us in a hmph as she went into the kitchen.Mousse and I just stood there confused.

That evening...

In the kitchen, I rolled my sleeves up and looked at Sister Akane.She looked scared.(First time I’ve seen her this way.)Actually, I figured that out when she was fumbling with her fingers.

“It’s easy!You’ll do just fine!”I encouraged her with a smile.


Everyone stood in the doorway like sardines.

“I’m gonna close the door...and no peeking!”I slammed the door and shook my head.

“You’re going to cure my little girl,” Mr. Tendou cried through the door.

“They make it sound like you’ve got some disease or somethin’.I’m sure you’re not that bad.”


I turned to Akane-san and said, “Let’s make Ranma-san’s favorite dish.First you...”

I watched attentively (a lot of work if you ask me) go through each ingredient step-by-step.From measuring to timing, I was there.In two hours, we were done.

Our family was in the den as we set the table for them to eat.The looked at the food in fear.

“You guys look like you’re gonna die from the food,” I pondered aloud.

“That’s because you never tried Akane’s cookin’.”

Akane and I gave my bro an evil stare.“RANMA.”


I asked Akane-san to sit next to Ranma-san.She objected, but did it anyway.

“Please, feed him, Akane-san,” I pleaded.

“No!”They both protested in unison.

“Just do it for me.”

“Okay, but only because you asked,” they both answered.

They eyed each other.She picked up her chopsticks and a bowl of rice in her hands.Then, she reached over to get some of the dish.“Say ‘ah’, you dolt.”


Ranma-san sweated and ate it in silence.We all awaited a reaction.

“It’s...It’s...good!”He shouts as he looks at her in shock.

Everyone except me falls to the ground.They got up.

“It tastes normal!It’s great!”

We all tried it.It was so delish!I was so happy to see Akane smiling while eating as Ranma-san was so proud of her even though he tried no to show it.(Of course, I know him too well.)

“May I have some,” a voice said in the doorway.

“Why, good evening, Ryouga,” Kasumi greeted.

“Uh,” I said.

He looked at me and I looked back at him.The whole family felt the tension and shifted their glances from him to me and from me to him.

“Hello again, Ryouga-san,” I bowed my head.

He ate while I introduced myself, “I’m Kappei Ranma’s sister.”

“I knew I recognized you, but not from Ranma’s...I wonder where?”

“You never know where you are...P-chan,” Ranma joked.

“Just who are you calling P-chan?!”

“Calm down, you two,” I commanded.“Who’s P-chan?”

“You don’t know, Kappei,” Ranma-san asked shocked.“Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you.”

“You’re stupid!”I hit him on the head this time.“I know everything about you, but for some strange reason, I have no idea who P-chan is.Why is that?”

“My pet pig,” Akane replied.“He’s so cute!I wish I knew where my baby was, though.”

“And you couldn’t tell me this because...” I sarcastically retorted to Brother.

“Wanna see him,” Ranma-san tested Ryouga while distracting me.

“Sure!I miss my baby.”

“I wanna see, Brother.”

Ryouga got up and so did I.He went to the door and was confused.

“Do you need help, Ryouga-san?”I politely asked.

“Can you tell me where the kitchen is?”

“I’ll take you there.”

I took his hand and led him to the kitchen even though he furiously blushed the whole time.(What’s his problem?)He thanked me when we got there.As I went back, I heard a splash and out of the kitchen came a cute, black pig.(?)

“Kawaii!”I exclaimed while picking up.“Who are you?P-chan?”


I went into the kitchen and found no Ryouga.“He got lost again.”

“Thanks for finding my P-chan,” Akane squealed in joy as she took him from my arms.”

“Wait.Can I hug him?”

“Why not?”

And so I did.But, his nose bled and...

A few months later, I had gotten accustomed to the comings and goings of Ryouga and P-chan.P-chan was so cute!He was the only one I could really talk to about my problems.Ryouga on the other hands was very shy, but at least I could still talk to him.

“So where are you from,” I asked while walking with him one Saturday in the park.(Don’t worry, I was the guide.)

“I’m from, well, near Mt. Fuji.”

“Okay.Do you have any hobbies?”

“I like to travel and collect stuff.”

“I wish I could do that.”

“You should come with me sometime!”



“Thanks, Ryouga-san!”

“Hey, do you have a girlfriend?”

He put his hand on his head and began to laugh.“No, but-“

I hit his head and smiled.“You’re not supposed to tell me.”

I smiled from his shyness as his face faded from the color red.

Let’s get it straight!P-chan is my best friend!There’s nothing I didn’t tell him.Akane never minded if I ‘borrowed him’.(Brother wouldn’t let him sleep with me, though...)

Since it was summer break, I hugged Ranma-san in bed.“Ranma-san?Do you think

a guy can ever like me?Or am I too guy for ‘em?”

“Hey, if I love you, everyone else does too.”

I kissed him on the cheek to thank him.“I want-“ But I grew silent.

Crying.For the first time in my life since the day I was born, I was actually crying.

“What’s the matter?!You NEVER cry!You know it’s part of our code and everything...”

I got up and stopped sobbing.“Nothing!I’m on my period.”

He shut up.“Oh.Then if that’s how you get, then is Akane on it the whole time?”

I punched his face and tightly closed my eyes in anger.“Idiot.My brother is really an idiot.But how come he gets all the girls?”

Ranma-san got up frustrated.

“He’ll always make me happy,” I finally spoke up in a distant voice.

He looked at me.I just couldn’t stand this!(Plus, I knew Ukyou, Akane, and Ryouga were outside watching us!)

“I wanna see P-chan,” I whined.

“Ask Akane for him.”

So, I went out to look for Sister Akane.All three of them were on the steps.

“Has anyone seen P-chan?I wanna ask the little guy something.”

“No,” they all answered.

I was crying.No one to talk to!Ryouga stood up and walked out of the room.(Is he mad at me?)But, he looked at me with sad eyes.(Oh, don’t look at me that way!)


P-chan appeared at the bottom of the staircase half an hour later.Akane gave me permission to take him.I thanked her bunches.

I changed my clothes and ran out of the door to the park.The day was really pretty; the sun, shining high above us as we sat on a bench in the park.

“P-chan.”My look of energy drifted to nothing and I became a little depressed while holding him in my hands in front of me.“Can I tell you something?Even if it’s girlish?”

“Kwee, kwee.”He nodded.

“I know you won’t tell.But, uh, ahem...”I cleared my throat.“P-chan, I’m in love with a guy.”


I held him above my head.“Oh, P-chan!He’s so sweet, caring, and gentle.Do you know who he is yet?”

“Kwee.”While shaking his head, I put him in front of me once more in the air.

“I love Ryouga.”Tears began to come out of my eyes.“But he’s in love with Akane.”

I don’t know what happened, but P-chan fainted.His head lay back with wide eyes.I took him a few minutes to recover.

When he woke up, he was still in shock.You could tell by the way his eyes were about to pop from their sockets.

“Can I tell you more, my little best friend?No one listens to me; so I’m just telling you.If I really told my Brother, he’d kill me.He might kill him too...”

He nodded.“Kwee!”

“Well,” I answered by holding him towards me, “I love him because he’s navigationally-challenged.I told my friends in another place that I loved him enough to come here.They thought I was crazy.He’s so adorable!Not as much as you.People say that since he’s the eternally-lost boy, they don’t like him or that he’s too moody.P-chan?I love him because he’s lost, because he’s loyal, because he’s good-hearted.”

P-chan just turned red in embarrassment.He looked at me in the cutest way!

“What do you think I should do?”I put him on my lap.“I never, ever tell any guy I like him.Plus, he’s in love with Akane, so, um, I can’t really do anything.”

Tears flowed, but he looked like he was going to cry also.

“Don’t cry like me!I’m really weak when it comes to other things, huh?”

He shook his head.I swung my feet back and forth.P-chan was again between my hands and I peered at him at eye-level.“And, I wish I could just kiss him like this.”

I then kissed P-chan on the nose.Again, my poor best friend fainted.“P-chan?P-chan?Is this too much for you?P-chan?”

I smile and hug him.

Author’s Note: How’s it going?I added tons of stuff from my old manuscript (made in 1997).

Should I just stop with the jokes?

Well, this fanfic has to go through MAJOR editing, so please don’t expect anything any time soon.I still have to figure out how I would like to get into the character ofKappei again.^_^

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