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Running Time (RT2)

By Yui Miyamoto

Chapter 5- Soba ni ite ne.

After handing everything to her mother, she came back to the place she had cried to. Then, she stayed there for the rest of the day.She sat there sitting and thinking of her past, her present, her future.But she couldn’t so much as speak her mind at the moment.It was just too much to put into words right now.

Then, a quick crunching of the grass under someone’s foot was coming towards her faster and faster.“Shampoo!”

Shampoo jumped up and was on the defensive when her eyes caught sight of Mousse walking towards her...with his bag over his shoulder.

When he was about ten feet away, he threw away the bag to the side and held his hands out.Then, he adjusted his glasses with his index finpan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> His aqua blue eyes held a look of determination.“Get ready Shampoo!”

“I no understand!”She stood there for a moment confused.“You no-“

”Don’t talk...” He ran to punch her on the side.“Fight!”

She jumped up, handstanded on his head and was now holding her hands out to fight.“What you doing, Mousse!”

“I’m going to win this time, Shampoo!”

* I want you to, but you can’t anymore... * She threw him a roundhouse kick.“Umph!How you know I’m here?!”

* I’ve got to correct what happened last time... * Mousse threw all his hidden weapons out at her. “Of course I know!This was favorite place to go to, and the one where I would always watch you from behind that tree!”

Jumping in the next second after the attack, Shampoo shouted, “The tree I beat you from before...”

After another twenty minutes or so, because of the extensive training both of them had gone through, their bodies jumped up and down as sweat rolled down their faces.

“Why you challenge me when you already have Ling?!”

“Stop asking about her!I’ve already lost my rematch to her!”

Then it happened, Shampoo came running...

Mousse then shouted something that made Shampoo forget what she was doing: “I can’t say goodbye forever to you, Shampoo!Don’t you see that?!”

“What?”Being surprised by his answer, for one second, Shampoo caught her breath.

...and Mousse kicked her before she jumped or blocked it...

Falling to the ground, Shampoo was brought to her knees.And Mousse stood there for a moment and then he ran to embrace Shampoo.He’d never live it down if he coul d ever bring Shampoo to her knees for more than a split-second.

“This was what was supposed to happen so many years ago...” Mousse couldn’t do anything but cry as he hugged her tighter.

And for the first time since they were children, Shampoo looked up at him and smiled while wiping off the dirt on their faces.She didn’t say anything.

They both got up.Shampoo got his bag and gave it to him.

“Why you make me go through all this for you, Mousse?”She frowned at him.“You always come back and this time you no come back.”

* Same old Shampoo... * Mousse laughed and sighed.“Hey, I almost had a heart attack finding out you came back for me.And then you said you loved me...”

Mousse looked up to the stars.“I don’t know.Did you really do this for me or for yourself, Shampoo?”

Shampoo shook her head annoyed and hit his head.“Stupid Mousse.”

“You were jealous!Admit it!”Mousse laughed his head off to take in that glorious moment. “Ha!I knew you loved me deep inside!”

Shampoo crossed her arms.“Maybe Shampoo did make mistake.”

“Oh, Shampoo...” Mousse sniffed with tears in his eyes.“You don’t mean that, do you?”

She then took his hand firmly into hers.“Come on, let’s go home, Mousse.”

Then, she looked in back of her and smiled softly.They both stopped at a certain spot.Shampoo looked at that tree where she had beaten Mousse when they were three and touched it for a moment.Then, they walked on further.

“What are you thinking about, Shampoo?”Mousse asked.

Shampoo smiled and shook her head. She then looked up at the stars.* I come here for you all along... I no can live without you.I so used to you behind me all this time... *

Again, she looked behind her to see that Mousse was really there.

* I only now make sure you always here next to me... *

* And until now, I still see you smile for me...despite everything. *

“But Shampoo, I must ask,” Mousse politely inquired, “what DID make you come back for me?”

“Stupid Mousse.”With her other clenched hand, she opened it before him.“Why you have to make Shampoo cry with this when you say goodbye?”

“The green ribbon...” he whispered to himself.



Author’s note: Yes, yes, I know I did complain about Shampoo.But see?I had to make this different from my other Mousse fic.Why?Because that’s how I am, that’s why. ^_^ I don’tlike repetitive things.

And besides, at least here, Shampoo understands the true pain Mousse went through for her

So, I’m justified in my ending.Well, I’m still trying to convince myself of it...

I like this fic because I got to do a third-person omniscent perspective, which is something I rarely do.As for the story, I first wanted him with Ling, but then I realized that this is Mousse’s fic.He wouldn’t want that even if it was for the best thing.He’s just that type of character. ^_^ And so, even if it’s a ‘happy ending’, they both realize that they will go through many things that will bring pleasure and sadness, but at least together now...

I don’t know how else to say it. ^_^

Thanks for reading!


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