Disclaimer:For all the memories shared because of Ranma ½ by Rumiko Takahashi-sama, this is a form of deep appreciation.Oh, and Ling’s my character.^_^

Running Time (RT2) by Yui Miyamoto

Chapter 2- The Law.

As Shampoo boarded onto a ship heading for China that night, she could think nothing but, * Why I do this?Why I running to China to find you, Stupid Mousse?! *

“Think about this carefully, Shampoo,” her great-grandmother said as soon as she left the restaurant.

“Great-grandmother knew...” Shampoo whispered to herself as she looked down at the ocean below her.

Shampoo was very confused.She didn’t know if she was doing it for him, for her, or her own pride.What was clear to her was that she wouldn’t accept defeat, especially by the hands of Ling.

Ling was a girl she had never liked.How Mousse ever became friends with her, she would never want to know.Ling was a kind girl, but it was just one of those things in life:They just didn’t get along, and they sure knew it; and they surely made it known to the world around them.

The many fights they had against each other always had two things: Shampoo winning to make Ling more upset and Mousse’s welfare.

* Mousse will be miserable with her. *


Two beautiful girls stared icily at each other near the stream where everyone went to get water from.

The brown-haired one of sixteen shouts, “You’re so spoiled, Shampoo.”

Ling commented as she positioned herself to fight. “Can you just let poor Mousse go?He’s always crying because of you!”

“Is not my fault!” shouted the purple-haired girl of fourteen.“He the one following me!And I ask him favor only few times, but he always like to go beside me!”

“You’re bad to him Shampoo!Just leave him alone!”

“I try but he the one who no go away!!!”

They fought...and Shampoo won once more.

Ling got up from the ground with a cut lip.“I swear, Shampoo.One day you’ll be the one feeling every single pain Mousse has gone through for you!Even if I have to do it myself!”

Shampoo smirked and crossed her arms confidently.“You punish me?I best fighter in village while I still alive. Remember that, Ling.”

[end of flashback]

Fear ran through her.

It was a feeling she had never felt before...

When Shampoo landed in the port nearest to her village.She couldn’t help but smile through her nervous state.“I finally back.”

Then, she trudged to her village.


After a kiss on the cheek, Mousse whispered to her ear, “Goodbye, Shampoo.”

He walked out without even looking back.

“Oh, you be back later, I know you, Mousse.”Shampoo whispered without moving from her place.“I know you will be back.”

* As always… *

[end of flashback]

Shampoo began to cry though she clenched her fists. * I thought you would come back.Like always, Mousse. *

* I thought since I beat you, you no worthy.Is law.Is Law of the Amazons.* Shampoo walked faster and faster. * You lost every time after that too. *

“Is Law!!!” she screamed.

And it echoed in the mountains around her.

* That right.It Law. * But Shampoo didn’t know what to think anymore.The law that was part of her like the blood that flowed or a piece of the flesh of her body, it was starting to crumble in front of her eyes.She couldn’t distinguish which was right this time: The law or herself.

“The law is never wrong, my dear,” her mother had said to her.“If it was, what would you be today, Shampoo?You’d be living the wrong life.”

When Shampoo at last saw her village a few feet away from where she was standing, she sighed in apprehensiveness and relief.“Then, this time, I rely on nothing.”

* And I will find answer to who is right.Law of my tribe... or Shampoo herself? *

She walked on. * Let the games begin. *

“But Shampoo never lose,” she whispered to herself.


Author’s note:So, how is it going so far?I think her character is getting deeper.I just think that making her confused is still perplexing to my mind; but then again, it does fit because she always followed her laws and now, it may be that she is going against something that affected her whole life…

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