Description: This sequel (called ‘Running Time’) to “‘RT is for the ‘Real Thing’ or just ‘Red Thread’?” explores Shampoo’s feelings about the whole situation.
How will she deal with Mousse, who finally decided to move on with his life?Will she let him go…or finally realize she wants him back in hers?


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Running Time (RT2) by Yui Miyamoto

(Important:Due to grammatical problems with Shampoo’s speech patterns, I will have to do this in the third person omniscent. It is one type of writing I must develop so please bear with me on this. ^^;;;Also, when someone is thinking, it will be marked like this:

* *.Thanks and you can read now.^_^)

Chapter 1- Invitation

A few days have passed since the departure of Mousse. And Shampoo, who had always wanted him to realize she would never be his, was starting to miss him as she sat in her bed.* I know you come back.You always do. *

But she knew, it was for real this time.He even left a letter to make it official.

When she had gone back to her room the night he had left, she couldn’t believe it.She wouldn’t. * I still no believe it.Mousse?Leave me?I supposed to leave him instead! *

Her pride wouldn’t let her accept it...

So for the first time in two days, she would finally open the letter he gave her.And she knew it held a truth that she didn’t want to face at that moment.But then, she stopped opening it.

* I no know why I feel like this.I so happy he go and no bother Shampoo anymore!I no even love Mousse! * Again, she tore open the four o’clock in the morning.

She read to herself:

To my Dearest Shampoo,

If you’re even reading this letter, I’m happy to just know that.I didn’t think you would even open it because it was from me.I thought that you would just throw this away, so it took me a long, long time to write this.

I don’t know what to say...on paper.There are so many things I would like to tell you, but that’s okay.I’m sure you already know all that stuff.I mean, you’re my Shampoo, the girl who knows me more than I know myself.We grew up together.We’re childhood friends...

Well, Shampoo, obviously, when you read this letter, I will be in China.After all, I just came to Japan just and only for you. But that didn’t work...but that’s life, isn’t it?Just like when you beat me when we were three.That was fate at work too.

I’m not going to say that I love you with all of my heart, Shampoo.That’s just not enough!And I can’t believe I’m even writing this thing to tell you what you could never or wanted to ever understand.

You’ve got to understand that I don’t just love you because you were the first girl I met.I don’t just love your smile or just being next to you.It’s all of you: cold, warm, whatever.But that’s you.You were different from anyone I had ever met, that’s for sure.Andthat’s what made you so special to me.

I love you because...because...I can’t see anyone else next to me.For everything that you are and more.

I wish you happiness in everything you do and a man that is worthy of you, unlike me.

So with all my words and the ones I couldn’t say, I say goodbye.

Always, Mousse

Shampoo sat there for a moment to take in what she had just read.She knew how much he had loved her and how desperate he was just to even be next to her.But she never knew it was like this, not in this light.

* But I do not miss you so much, Mousse. * She didn’t even cry for the letter.Instead, she folded it again.When she was going to put it back in, a piece of fabric dropped to her lap.

She took it up into her fingers and peered at it carefully.“It small piece of ribbon.”

“Aiya...”Then, a tear rolled down her cheek.“It...It mine...When I seven...”And so, the once cold heart Shampoo had towards Mousse began to melt.Though she had never fully understood to what extent he had loved her or why he took everything he did for her, she started to.


“Mousse!Please help me look for my ribbon!” she called from down the hill.

“Okay!!!”Mousse, who was coming down towards the stream for water, dropped the buckets he had and ran to Shampoo.“Where is it?”

“It right here somewhere.”Shampoo desperately looked for her ribbon in the bushes and grass.“It green.Is my favorite!”

“Ah...”Mousse kept on searching and searching.

But by the end of the day, it couldn’t be found.Shampoo cried a bit.

“It’s okay, Shampoo,” Mousse assured her, “I’ll find it.”

A day or two later, Shampoo and Mousse met at the stream.When Mousse saw her coming down the hill, he rushed quickly towards her with excitement bursting from his smile.“Shampoo!”

Shampoo gave him a smirk.“I get new ribbon from Yu.This my new favorite ribbon.”

“Oh...” He frowned a bit, but tried his best to smile.“It’s very pretty on you.”

“I know.”Then, she went down the hill without him.

[end of flashback]

Well, that’s what Shampoo had remembered.But what she didn’t know was that Mousse (and knowing how myopic he is) had looked for that ribbon all night.He just wanted to present it to Shampoo so that he wouldn’t see her crying about it anymore.And when he was going to present it, she had a new one.

Just like so many times, he hid things in back of him with his hands and sleeves.But it was always accompanied with a smile to hide his hurt feelings.

Later that morning, a letter arrived for Shampoo and Cologne. They stopped what they were doing for a moment to read it.

“It’s from China, Shampoo,” Cologne said as she looked at the back of the envelope.Then, she opened it. “Well, I’ll be.”

“What it say, Great-grandmother?”Shampoo then was handed the letter.

Without even thinking about it, she began to smile happily to herself.“Mousse finally get married to Ling!Good!He no more say ‘Shampoo this’ and ‘Shampoo that’.”

Her grandmother looked at her curiously.“Interesting...He’s getting married to that girl.”

“They perfect for each other.” Shampoo answered while giggling a bit.“He’s stupid and she take care of him since she older.”

“Want to attend the wedding anyway, Shampoo?” her grandmother asked.

“I no care.Whatever you want, Great-grandmother.”

“It would be bad for our family if we didn’t go, Shampoo.”Her grandmother turned around to go back to work.“Just think about it.”

They went back to work.

Though Shampoo tried not to show it, she was very troubled with the situation.

But she didn’t understand why.

* I no love you, Mousse...

...right? *

As she looked in back of her while walking home alone, she was about to shout behind her, but then she stopped herself.

* Mousse, you so slow! *

She stopped walking and cringed in anger.The pride of her Amazon blood pulsated throughout her body with a vengeance.

* Stupid Mousse!I no miss you!I mean it! *

Then, she ran home as quickly as she could.

* I running out of time… *


Author’s note:Hello fellow reader!How’s it going?

I know what you’re thinking, “Sequel…why?”

Answer -Well, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to, you know?There are just some stories that I make and when they’re finished, they’re just begging for a continuation.This was one of them.^_^


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