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‘RT’ is for the ‘Real Thing’ or just ‘Red Thread’?

Chapter 3- Arigatou…

I blinked my eyes to the rising sun with only two hours of sleep to show for it.

But, I wouldn’t let that stop me.I jumped up from bed with a smile and yet another determined face that wouldn’t give up.

“Today’s the day that Shampoo will fall in love with me!” I shouted inside of my mind.

I opened my drawers to see two pieces of fabric next to one another.I took out the red thread into my fingers.“I’m going to do it.”

As she walked before me with her great-grandmother next to her, I couldn’t help but think of the time when we were ten.Just like this, her grandmother and her were walking ahead of me while I was right behind them.We were supposed to get something from the next village.

And walking behind her, I kept on saying, “Oh thank God!I think she cares!I mean she did-“

”Mousse, could you please pick this up for me?” she asked while pointing at a large object in front of her.I forgot what it was, but it was sure heavy.

I couldn’t think of anything but oblige.I mean, this was Shampoo asking me to do this.But knowing it was for her…I didn’t mind at all and it didn’t seem so heavy…

And I never minded what she would ask me, whether it was mean or nice.I didn’t know the difference...

...until now.But even now, I still couldn’t tell the difference between the real situation and my care…

Maybe I’m as blind with love as I am with my set of glasses...

“Okay, Shampoo,” her great-grandmother said as we reached the Nekohanten.“Today is errands day.Here is the list of all the places you have to go to.”

She took the list into her hands.“Wow, so much today.”

“We’ve finally come to needing everything for the restaurant,” her great-grandmother laughed.

“Shall I be accompanying her?” I asked.


We walked down into town.

“Why you come, Mousse?I can do by myself.” She said as we entered the first shop.

“I always want to be of service to you, my love!” I answered back.

“Hmph.”She handed me part of the list without looking back.“Here.”


Tie around the pinky...quickly...and set.

You go master of hidden weapons!

She stopped to turn around.“Why don’t we do this together, Mousse?”

I nodded happily.“Anything you say, Shampoo.”

For the first time in my life, she took my hand into hers and squeezed it warmly with a smile.I was going to melt right at the spot, but I kept my cool as we walked through all the stores for our supplies.

I looked at my watch.

“Half an hour left,” I whispered to myself.

“What you say, Mousse?”Shampoo looked up to me as we stopped at the intersection.

“Nothing, Shampoo.”

Then, she grabbed my arm and leaned her head on my shoulder.“Thanks for coming with me.Shampoo no know what to do without you.”

Then, we crossed the street.

I could have danced, but I was blushing and smiling like an idiot.That I know.

Oh to finally hear this from you, Shampoo!It’s a dream come true!

We stopped by a park to rest a while.

I sat on the bench exhausted.“I’m so tired!”

“I know.Me too!”But she snuggled next to me.

And I laid my head on her own and sighed.“I didn’t know I’d be this happy.”

She looked at me.“Why not?”

“I mean, after how many years, you finally come around.”

“Why I no realize you were here, Mousse?”

“Stupid law...” I answered bitterly.

“Then what we do?You no defeat Ranma.”She started to cry.

And something in my heart just couldn’t stand that...

To see her cry was to much...

…or this situation.

I turned to Shampoo and held her shoulders. I smiled the happiest smile I could ever have on my face.“Thanks, Shampoo.For the dream.”

“What you mean, Mousse?I no understand.”She looked at me once again with the care and innocence she had when she used to be very compassionate towards me.

Those eyes...they weren’t for me. 

I stopped for a moment with my heart beating like there was no tomorrow.Am I crazy?!I really want to do this?!”

But I want you to love me for me, Shampoo…

With a heavy heart, 

I took the scissors and quickly snipped the string 

while taking it quickly from our fingers.

This was fake love...

A dream that seemed to never be...

Shampoo sat there looking at me weirdly.“What we do here, Mousse?”

She got up and so did I.

“Let’s go, Mousse.”And somehow, I didn’t understand why did she seem kind of down.

“Time to go home.”Shampoo gave me her sack and I smiled.

She was back.

Shampoo was always different from all the people I had met in my life.

And that’s the way I will always love her.


Author’s note:;_;* sniff, sniff *Aiya, the waterworks always go whenever I write about Mousse.;_;

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