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by Yui Miyamoto

Chapter 1- A Happy moment.

I walked home alone again.

And no matter how many times I passed through the threshold, each time I would hope to see Ranma and Genma standing there waiting for me.For I had waited a number of years for them to come back to me.

Yes, it was a foolish thing to think.But that’s what kept me going.That’s what kept me smiling everywhere I went, though my neighbors would gossip about me.I knew they did, but they had nothing better to do than become very meddlesome amongst themselves.And I didn’t mind; there were some in their sincere intentions to cheer me up and keep me hoping.

I’m Saotome Nodoka, after all.And if I acted in any other fashion than refined and strong, then I’m not the woman that Genma married me for.

As I took out the vegetables out of my bag, I laughed.I had learned to live alone and imagine the time that they were here next to me.Ranma had a big appetite almost as large as his father.And he would tug on my kimono and smile, but ask for more good things to eat.Of course, I complied.I couldn’t help but spoil my only little boy.

So, thinking about those things, the loneliness no longer killed me, it just made the wait even longer to me.But, I knew Akane was taking good care of Ranma, so my worries weren’t as high strung as they used to be.

With the back of my hand, I laughed again to myself.“Genma...”

Many have wondered frankly in this manner, “What the hell did she see in him?Let alone get married to him?!They’re two COMPLETELY different people!”

I couldn’t recall how many people and how many times I’ve heard this talk.From parents to friends to my own family, I’ve heard this.I know I’ll hear that from Ranma someday when the time comes.

And all these years, my answer had not changed.I never said it aloud, but that was just me.I had even practiced it to the picture of Ranma that I kept by my bedside.Yes, it was one taken when he was three, but I cherished it more than life itself.It was all I had left of him.

“Ranma,” I would say while folding my hands upon his, “the reason I married your father is because he’s persistent and clever.Yes, I know his many, many, many, oh dear, don’t mention how many faults he has...but you understand where I’m getting at, right Dear?Your father is weak, yes, but he has an active brain.Your father and I complement each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and that’s why we’re good together.But most of all, I knew he would give me a strong boy:You, Ranma.”

I smiled at the one of the pictures I hung of Ranma and Genma in each room of our house.

Like this one in the kitchen.It had nothing to do with food at all.It just happened to be...

“Are you sure you’re fine there, Nodoka?” Genma asked from the living room.

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m fine!” I answered back happily as I patted my enormous stomach.“Are you fine down there?”

Then, Ran kicked in response.

“Good,” I answered as I continued to cut the vegetables.

Ooh, wait, there’s more kicking...”GENMA!”


“What a healthy baby boy,” the doctor said as he and Genma were touching their ears in pain.

But I didn’t mind.That loud shout was MY baby.I knew from that scream that he was going to be strong.

Not to mention his kicking...

“So, what is the name of the baby,” they asked later.

“Ran,” I answered smiling and exhausted.

“Ma,” Genma replied right after.

“Excuse me,” asked the nurse.“Ran...ma?”

I looked at Genma curiously and then I knew he wanted some of his own name in his son’s.He looked so proud.

We both nodded.

“Yes, Ranma is just fine...” I affirmed, “Saotome Ranma.” 

Then, Ranma was given into my arms while Genma set up the timer for the camera.

“Okay, my newborn son, time to smile for the camera!”

Well, newborn yes...but it won’t ever explain how Ranma gave his father a blackeye when Genma ran over next to us.


That was the best moment in the world...and that’s why that’s in the kitchen, my favorite place to be. Cooking was a passion along with getting Ranma’s approval for my dishes...


Friendly author’s note:This will be a short fic, so don’t worry.Short and sweet.I had planned to keep it that way.

But the reason I had done this was because of two reasons:1)Nodoka’s character is barely spoken about.2)It was the first idea that popped into my head and it seemed like a cute venture.

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