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1-10-02  I found the hard copy to TF ch. 1. I'm going to work on getting that up tonight. Sorry it has taken me so long to get everything straightened out, but you know how life is. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and my stories, and a special thanks to everyone who has sent me emails asking me to continue.  They have really ment a lot to me. I hope everyone enjoys the revised version of TF, and please, comments are more than welcome.

9-27-01  Okay, okay, I know I said that I'd try to get some stuff out before school started but I've been really busy.  Right now I have 3 6-page papers due. As soon as I get a chance (and actually find the hard copy again) I'll post the revised version of TF ch. 1. Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me over the years and supported my stories. I couldn't have done it without you.

Ranma and Akane
Together Forever
This is the first fanfic I ever started working on.  Most of it is still in really rough draft form, but I'm working on it when I (and when my editor, Sword of Sedevale) have time.

Chapter 1 (revised)          Chapter 7
Chapter 2                        Chapter 8
Chapter 3                        Chapter 9       This series is in heavy
Chapter 4                         Chapter 10       revision phase.
Chapter 5                         Chapter 11
Chapter 6                         More to come...

A Midnight Thought
For anyone who has been to my Kenshin page, this will sound really familiar. Basically, it's a charcater waking up in the middle of the night just thinking and contemplating everything that is or has happened in thier life.

Ukyo- Contains spoilers for later chapers of TF.

Bad TimesA short little one-shot fic.  A little dark, but that's just my own opinion.

Special thanks to Sword of Sedevale for all of her help.  I couldn't do it without you girl. ^_^x

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