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Hi and welcome to my story and photo page! Let me tell you a little more about myself. When my meowmie Laura first saw me, I was very sick and she thought that I might not live, so she took me home to live with her. I was so tiny! My ears were abused when I was just a few days old. That's why they are so small in case you were wondering. Would you like to know how I got my name? I was the first cat my meowmie and her furrmily ever had the priviledge to live with. They kept thinking of all these names to give me--Patches, Imperial, Sheba, Duchess...even Puddles(because I peed on the floor in her great-grandma's store)! What a catastrophe! But none of them fit my purrsonality. Then one day, meowmie was in French class in high school and saw the name "Kiki" in the chapter about human names. She said "That's it! Kiki is the perfect name!" She even gave me a middle name. It is after the album "Astra" by one of her favorite groups in the 80's, Asia. So I was given the title of "Kiki Astra, the Imperial Duchess of Sheba". I lived a long and great life. I shared my homes with lots of different types of animals--d*gs, hamsters, birds, mice, gerbils--even with a prairie d*g named Honey! When I was about 5 years old, I was kicked underneath my legs and I could not walk for two weeks. At first, Laura thought that maybe I had been hit with a bat or that I had been hit by a car. But the vet said that I had been kicked really hard. My pelvis and hips were separated and I suffered a hairline fracture in my back right leg. I had a little bit of arthritis a few years later, but everything was going well. That is, until my meowmie found a sore on me that wouldn't heal. She didn't know what it was and was surprised when the v*t said it was a mast cell tumor. I had surgery to remove it in April, 1999. I had surgery again on October 1, 1999 to remove four more. Fortunately, none of those tumors were cancerous. But by the end of November, I had developed more tumors and I lost weight very rapidly. The v*t had me on medicine for a few months and Laura decided not to put me through anymore surgery. I went from a 10-pound kitty to a 4-pound one. Even though the first ones weren't cancerous, one or more of the newer ones may have been. Meowmie decided I had been through enough and she decided not to have me tested. She made the heartbreaking decision on April 27, 2000. Now I am at the Rainbow Bridge with all my furr-siblings. Meowmie wants to remind everyone to check mewr kitties over every week for any bumps and sores, since we felines hide our illnesses furry well. Mewr kitty may like all the attention!

Purrs and Meows,


I love to lie in the sun!

Kiki the Christmas Kitty

Is this a real cat or what?

Ooooh, I love the waterbed!

My meowmie and me with the Easter bunny in 1989. I was almost 3 years old then.

Taken at Petsmart in October, 1997--Meowmie always said I was very photogenic

December 1998

Kiki and Brian--October, 1997

This is my "Pretty Kitty" pose

This is a gorgeous portrait drawn by our friend Amy. Click on my portrait to visit Amy's site.

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