Khrolos  the Magus,
a  follower  of  the Old Ways
I have been a student and practisioner of the occult and mystical arts for 20 years as of 2006. I wanted to  create this site so that I can give to others, what I have spent years learning. I'm a true believer that the student should always surpass the teacher.

I currently reside in Alabama, it's known as the heart of the bible belt, but I still find it refreshing because of the vast  amount of woodlands still accesible to us. This gives me  the chance to connect with nature in a natural  state, free from outside influences. I am currently in the process of attaining about 30+ acres where  I'll be  building  a new  home  and a secluded nature based place of reverence and to practice the old ways.

My family lineage that I use in my practice the most, comes from  my Grandparents on both sides. My Father's  Mother was Creek Indian, and his Father was Swedish decent. My Mother's Mother is Greek/Yugoslavian and  my Mother's Father was decended from early Irish nobility.
   My interest in the occult and mystical came from listening, as a child, to my Mother talk  about her days as a witch in California, ghosts and other paranormal topics.
This  is  a picture  of  a local  school  of  art
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