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Sadly, I've added another memorial page here...for my dear sister, Mary.
Mary's family and friends continue to miss her very much.
It's like a bad dream we can't wake up from.
Mary has and always will be an inspiration to a great many people.

[ Click Above For Memorial To Mama ]

[ Click Above For Memorial To Mary ]

On October 27th - 29th, 2000, I participated in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk from Santa Barbara to Malibu.
I walked nearly 60 miles (including 1/3 of it in the RAIN)!!
Believe me when I say that this was truly an unbelievable undertaking.

The training included 8 months of daily and weekend jaunts that always resulted in painful blisters.

I don't know what prompted me to think that I could do this walk. Even my Mother called me crazy.
And, when she passed away in the midst of my training, I nearly gave up.
But with the encouragement of fellow walkers and my family, I somehow managed to keep it together.

Afterwards, my two sisters (Annie and Mary), our spouses and my children were there to welcome me back.
I was drenched from walking in rain all day. And, they were drenched too.
Yet, they waited in the pouring rain and I sure appreciated them for encouraging me the way they did.

Events like this one raise much needed $$ for breast cancer awareness, research and assistance.
And, while this walk was a challenge, it doesn't nearly compare to those women who face breast cancer.
If you want to learn more about this event, click below
to find out more on how to donate or participate in this worthy endeavor.
Or, to help fund free mammograms to those women who can't afford them,
click on the link below.
It's FREE and you can do it everyday!

Simply click's that easy!

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