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Ade's House

Welcome! This is Ade's House, Ade's home on the web.
live in Cornwall, England with my wife Connie, a soppy dog and a purring princess of a cat.
Find out about me and my interests by exploring the links below. Recommended pages include the
Keast Genealogy page, the Poetry Place, the Religion and Politics page and the Cornwall page but look around and you may see something else you like.
appreciate feedback so drop me a line by signing my guestbook and stick a pin in the guestmap.
Thanks, and enjoy your stay!
happy visitors!
Webmaster: Adrian Keast

My Virtual Pub,

The Chyanmor

Site Last Updated:     10th July 2006
Ade's Photos
Ade in St Ives 2000
"I'll see you down the pub !"
for an amazing view of the earth from space.
Ade's House
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Virtual Pub
Genealogy - the Keast surname
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Religion and Politics
Yule - The Winter Solstice
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Our House - Ade and Kye's web home
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Note about Geocities

I love being able to have my webpages online for free and find the editor fairly easy to use (at least I do now after five years of using it!)
BUT I cannot stand the new advertising scheme! This is where the right side of the page is taken up with the advert bar EVERY time the page loads and can't be minimised until everything on the page loads. Even then it sticks around at the side. Very irritating, especially as half the time the adverts are dumb. So, I apologise to anyone viewing these pages for the inconvenience. I know Yahoo has to get some return for the free hosting but they do seem to go out of their way to be annoying! Anyway I'll have to put up with it until I can afford to have an ad-free site. I just don't appreciate being made so pissed off that I become forced to pay to get rid of it! Rant over...
Update: I have bitten the bullet and got myself a new domain: keasts. ! At least I can now lose the highly inappropriate  adeandchris thing! :)

I have a new website! keasts
It is under construction at the moment, but will eventually replace this site completely.
Presently, the Keast Genealogy pages are being moved over. Go and have a look!

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