Want advice? Well, I'm here to help! My names Kayley marie, I help out the best I can in every situation to make the world a better place. All I've ever wanted was to make a difference in the world, and maybe this is how I can start it out. You name your complication, or scenario, and I'll jump right on it! I'm a great influence and give excellent advice, if you have more intrest on sharing your problems, just keep reading!


-Problems to be realistic and honest.

-Do not spam your problem if it hasn't been answered yet.

-Bad language isn't adviced, but you may use it if you must.

-You do not have to leave your name you can sign it unanimously.

Where do we submit our problems?

-You can email me at or

-The first email address is more reliable to be checked on.

-If you have instant messaging, I may be online, so add me at

- Send all problems to my email addresses and I should reply when I'm on, I check everyday.


Been more then 24 hours without a reply?

I probibly missed your email, just re-send it and I should get back to you as quick as i can. I appoligize if this happens!

Thank you!

I appreciate thank you emails, they put a smile on my face. If i don't answer your email correctly, and your not satisfied, tell me, and we'll work something out!