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Welcome to Kasikio’s Eye Candy!

Kasikios’ Eye Candy is a site where you can find all kinds of pictures relating to Anime and video games. ^_^ From Official pictures to fanarts. I do not take any credit for the fanarts unless otherwise stated.

Why I made this site

I originally created this site for my friends. I look at a lot of Japanese sites with WONDERFULL arts. I figured most of my friends wouldn’t want to have to look at all the sites I went to to find these arts. So, I created Kasikio’s Eye Candy.



Main: My Main Page

Updates: Look here to see what’s new!

About Me: The lowdown on myself

Email: My Email address. XD

Awards: Awards I’ve won! And I will soon make my own. ^_^

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Links: Go to some of the wonderfull sites I like to look at!

:::Fan Arts:::

My Art: Want to see some of the stuff I draw? *

Selena’s Art: Some of my friend Selena’s art! **

Final Fantasy: Fanarts of various Final Fantasy games!

Anime: Fanarts of various Anime series.

Other: Usually orriginal artwork.

Other Games: Fanarts of other great games!


Trigun-Saiyuki are all scans, screan shots, and whatnot of that series.

PokeBishonen: Bishonen I’ve caught!

PokeBishoujo: Bishoujo I’ve caught!

Jhonen Vasquez: The many wonderous works of Jhonen Vasquez!

:::Other Stuff:::

Wallpapers: Lots of wallpapers I have made! ***

TCG: Dunno know what a TCG is? Go to the link and see!

Otokon: Pictures I got online from Conventions!

Test Results: They scare me…..o_o

My Web Rings: Web Rings I own!

Web Rings: Web Rings I’m part of!


* My art is © Me and so I would like it if you wouldn’t edit it or take credit for it. I wouldn’t mind if you put it on your site, as long as you link back to me. I’d actually be honored to know someone likes my art that much. ^_^

** Selena’s Art is © Selena and and she also doesn’t want it edited or faulse credited.

*** The Wallpapers are for you to use if you like. But please do not take credit for making them.






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