Autumn Chows is owned and operated by Karen Lundin, and situated near the coast of Florida.  I am dedicated to the preservation of the Breed Standard, educating the public about this breed, and helping those who love their Chows as much as I do.  Each of my Chows is considered, and treated as a family member and I am devoted to each.  I welcome newcomers to this breed; however caution those interested to research the temperament and maintainence of these dogs before acquiring their first Chow.  This breed requires constant socialization, and they are high maintainence dogs.  Nutrition is extremely important toward their growth process, and for maintaining their coats, teeth, bones, and general health.  They should be vaccinated annually, and kept on heartworm and flea prevention all of their lives.  Breeding these dogs is a skill, and should not be taken lightly.  Breeding bloodlines improperly can cause expensive health problems, and bad temperament.  The nature of this breed is that of a cat.  They are proud, and aloof.  If you're looking for a "lap-dog" this is not the breed for you.  The history of this breed is absolutely amazing, and I encourage all interested to know all they can about their Chow.  Now that I have discouraged you, I will tell you this........ "Once owned by a Chow Chow, always a Chow Chow lover".  You will never want another breed of dog, after being loved by a Chow!  For those interested in owning, showing, and breeding Chows I strongly recommend that you contact AKC and get a list of reputable Chow Kennels in your area.  Talk to those who have been involved with these activities.  There are many Chow lists on the internet, and the members always welcome newcomers who want to be the best Chow owner they can be.  I hope you enjoy your visit through the Pages of Autumn Chows, and that you will visit us again.  Chow Luv, Karen
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