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Karen and Alvin Havens  AQHA/PHBA Horses & Barzona Cattle
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2429 Orange Ave
Greenfield Iowa  50849
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"Squirt" is a bred and owned RES PHBA World Champion Amateur 4-Yr Gelding.  He has won the Minnesota Color Futurity 6 years in a row and has a good start on PHBA points in games, as he and Alecia were 10th in the Nation for flags when she was 10 and he was 3.  Also 6th for Karen in flags in 2000, 2nd in the Nation in 2001,2002, 2003 and 2004.  He currently has over 4500 PHBA points, as well as AQHA points in Reining, Barrels, Halter and Showmanship.
We raise Quarter Horses, trying specifically for Palominos.  The picture above shows our first attempt, with which we are very pleased.  Fulll sister resides at our place too, ready to foal in 2004, as well as 2 half-brothers.  . We will have one or two individuals for sale each year, concentrating on quality and disposition more than quantity.

We breed
Barzona Cattle, also.  This breed is a composite breed exceptionally suited to today's busy lifestyles.  They are extremely good in the feed yard, with the last batch yielding 64.4% with premiums on the grid.  However, their strong point is maternal, as we have virtually no calving problems, and only check during calving morning and night and go on about our business, with no pinkeye in the summer.  They are profitable, hands-off cattle for today's busy people.

Phone 641-743-6610

Our goal in all our livestock is versatility, dependability  and profitability.  Call us or email us.
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Family Information
Alvin is a jack of all trades who built our home and is rebuilding a Greyhound bus for our later years.
I am a CPA who works at home and loves livestock. Chief RecordKeeper.

Mathew is son who loves computer games and baseball/cross country. Currently back at home helping with the Farming Operation

Alecia loves her horses and creating anything.  She is currently attending OPSU in Guyman OK, double-majoring in Equine and Industrial Technology.  She hopes to raise fine horses and design livestock equipment and/or buildings.

Katey is currently in High School and pursuing an interest in photography, whether the subjects be animals or otherwise.  Many of the photos used on this site are taken by her.  Softball is her first love, with horses following.
We live within a mile of both sets of Grandparents, and still enjoy a lot of family connections.  The Barzona Cattle are in conjunction with Karen's Parents.
Young Barzona Bull
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