These web pages are dedicated to Justino Diaz, one of the finest singing actors in opera of the last decades. A striking example of his art is his interpretation of Jago in Zeffirelli's movie "Otello". In opera singing and acting are equally important. Some opera singers do have a fine voice but are dull on stage. Justino Diaz however combines singing and acting at the highest level. His voice has a dark, rich and warm timbre. The upper extension is very secure for such a dark coloured voice. His magnificent voice and his talents as an actor make him a stage artist to be remembered.

This unofficial web site gives an impression of Diaz's art. Included are a short biography with photos, a discography, articles and a survey of video titles. You can also listen to some sound files. Finally there is a page with interesting links. I hope you will enjoy your stay!

[Last update: October 18 2008]

New: Watch videos of Justino Diaz. Click on the "Links" button.

Justino Diaz singing "Pietà, rispetto, amore" from Verdi's Macbeth.
Click on the picture to watch this great performance.

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