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Wine Tasting

To the wine savvy, they got it hone down to a fine art. For the unintiated, it's a challenge to be cool will trying to learn as much as they can. Check this section on wine tasting tips. Find out why do people keep swirling their wine in the glass?

Wine Lifestyle

You like wine and the lifestyle it affords you but then you wonder how does one know which wine is good from the phlethora of literally thousands of wine out there in Singapore. You want to explore but don't want to be short change. You have come to the right place. We provide information that takes the pain out of choosing wine. What is first growth? If you would like to know we encourage you to invest some time and read on and arm yourself with useful knowledge.



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Australia Wine

Wine of Australia has become more and more popular. French Bordeaux with its traditional old world blends have charm the world for many centuries. It is increasing evident Australian wine makers free from the shakles of old world regulations are coming up with very top quality blends. Australian wines are very easy on the palate even for novice wine drinkers. Vineyards that are worth a mention like Howard park has produce their signature Madfish blend. Margaret river has a clutch of good vineyards like Clairaults, We are wines, Laurance. Of outstanding quality has to be Jester a Shiraz from Mitolo.

California Wine

Napa Valley and Sonoma wine region are gaining quite a reputation. Californian Merlots are gaining a reputable and reports going a around that high end Californian Merlots beat Petrus in a blind taste. Duckhorn is recognized for its Merlot. Another vineyards of interests is Lenz winery, though out of California deserves a mention for its fine merlot. In my wine shop section, I have recommended Francis Coppola, Raymond, Rutherford Hill, Blackstone, all very reasonably price merlots for wine drinking pleasure. For Chardonnay lovers, try Cambria Katherine's vineyard and Kendall-Jackson vinters reserve for good drinking pleasure.

Wine secrets revealed

Tired of all the winespeak babble going on around you? This section will help you uncode some of the language they are using

How should Wine be serve?

Having a party? No clue how to handle your wine....check out some tips to that will sure help you having a smashing party.

Honey, do you think this is
a good wine? ...err...maybe..

What is a "good wine"?

One of the issues on wine i like to demystify for people is "how do i know a wine is Good or good?" It is a very valid and good question. well, the truth is whichever wine you like and suits your taste is good for you and the ones you don't fancy, didn't make the grade, for you. Forget about wine critique, you my friend are the final and most important critique as far as you are concern. Start your own list of favourites and equally important list ones that you would avoid. Tasting a bad wine is one time too many you don't want to repeat mistakes.

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Gourmet Food

Do you live to eat, or you eat to live? If you are the former then check out this section for our pick of gourmet food in singapore.


London Wine Academy - Wine tasting courses for all levels.

The London Wine Academy offers wine courses and wine tastings for everyone from the absolute beginner learning purely for pleasure, to those with a more serious perhaps career-based interest


 Wine Tasting in Philadelphia. The Wine School of Philadelphia.

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