Welcome to the LABS Fan Network website. The Los Angeles Bruce Springsteen (LABS) Fan Network was started in the Summer of '99 as a means to thwart ticket scalping for Bruce Springsteen's West Coast appearances.

Originally, the idea was to get a group of people to stand in line together. As Los Angeles ticket sales approached, it became obvious that only a handful of members intended to buy tickets in person. Most were using the Net or the TM Phone System to buy their tickets. Our strategy changed accordingly.

We set up a "virtual network", utilizing the latest in instant messenger software, to establish a "virtual phone bank" where one member would contact another instantly when they were able to purchase tickets they did not need. The result led to most members getting tickets to the show(s) they wanted and many were able to purchase tickets to all four shows.

The LABS Fan Network defied the conventional wisdom, espoused by the Los Angeles Times, that the high demand for tickets would result in few fans having a chance to purchase tickets.

LABS Members Debbie White and Joe Piechowski
pose with "The Big Man" following his appearance on
Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show, Period
on Halloween 2002.

Whenever there's a West Coast Springsteen concert, you can count on the LABS Fan Network to be getting people the best information possible because knowledge is power.

You can count on us to help members get their tickets at face value.

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During the Summer of '99, many Springsteen fans were amazed at the tailgate parties that were held in parking lots in the Swamps of Jersey at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. After the success the LABS Fan Network had helping everyone get tickets, we thought it would be fun to finally meet the people we were helping. So, we held a tailgate party of our own at Staples Center before the first show and again before the last show. We held our third tailgate before the first show in Anaheim. You can count on there being another LABS Tailgate Party when "The Rising" Tour hits the West Coast.

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