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An N Scale freelance layout that models the Burlington Route, CB&Q, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, and the Pacific & Santa Fe rail systems.

The layout benchwork is L-girder made from 1 x 4 pine. It is 18 ft along one wall and 17 ft along another with a toe-in on each end. When completed, the layout wil have 70 feet of double mainline with 4 sidings, an 8 foot yard with staging area, and all built on three levels. #8 switches will be used on the mainline and #6 in the yard, all switches are PECO, and switch machines are RIX. Grades on the mainline will be 1%,  and 3% on grades to and from the lower level where the yard is located. The layout will be for running trains rather than operations. There will be two small industrial area's added later that will have operational needs.

Scenery will model the upper midwest (Wisconsin or Minnesota) on one end, with rolling hills, rivers, and lots of pine trees. The other end will model the western part of the country with moutains, rock faces, tunnels, and tressels where they can be located. The transition will be smooth between the two geographic locations.

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Pacific & Santa Fe Railroad
By Jeff Andrews, member North Central Region, and Life Member of the NMRA
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N Scale Model Railroad
N Scale Model Railroad
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