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JianDe Consulting offers a wide variety of Windows-based  software solutions for various industries.

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Insurance Third Party Claims Assist System (TPCAS)   - The Insurance Third Party Claims Assist System is a system to monitor on adjuster & solicitors reports, reports like summons, hearing report etc.

The TPCAS is not meant to replace your core Insurance System but to assist and fill-in the gaps of the claims processing. As we know the core insurance system is designed to capture the conventional information to enable the insurance company to process the insurance claims efficiently.

Critical information like the amount time taken to process the claims cases is able to be captured in TPCAS. The TPCAS comes with the feature which enable to claims personnel to track critical claims dates that been taken place and to prompt the claims personnel to take action on the claims.

With TPCAS works with the Insurance System, the Claims processing is smoother and the claims processing time is shorter due to the system able provide critical information to claims personnel to process the claims faster.

The benefits of TPCAS could be gained immediately as the investment cost is very minimal in comparisons of an efficient claims processing and better claims management. At JianDe Consulting, we don't believe in insurance company investing heavily in hardware equipments and software but to invest on strategy software solutions that will provide instant results and you need not to wait for longer period for your return of investment (ROI).

Presently, there are  3 deployment sites with total of 120 users currently using the TPCAS solution. Now at JianDe Consulting, we are offering the solution at attractive offer of $100.00 for basic package which provides 5 user license. 

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