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Children Are Worth Saving
Please visit this page...dedicated especially to all the children around the world who have not only lost their innocence, but in many cases their lives due to some form of abuse or maltreatment.
Let's stand up and be the voice for all children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference!

For all of the desperate and lonely tears shed by the children who, day after day and night after night, silently endure the pain inflicted on them by their heartless abusers...I adopted the symbol of the teardrop in sympathy. You can too!

Child Protection Society
Please support the Child Protection Society.
Do give this issue some thought. You can help to spread the word by joining the White Ribbon Campaign.
Merely place the White Ribbon on your website to show that you stand against child pornography. For, ultimately this issue is not a matter of compassion but one of basic humanity and respect.

World Aids Campaign
I support the World Aids Campaign.

Oklahoma City Bombing
(On April 19 1995, the citizens of USA were stunned when a rented truck parked outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, erupted at 9:02am.
The bodies of a dozen or more small children who had been in a second-floor day care center were among those confirmed dead. The explosion left 168 people dead, including 19 children. In addition, a nurse was killed during the rescue efforts.)

Let's take a moment to remember the victims, both living and dead, of this terrible tragedy. Let's also give thanks for the dedication of the many people who assisted in the rescue efforts.
I pray for an end to these senseless violence... where innocent people are dying needlessly.

Columbine High School Terror
(On April 20 1999, two students on a suicide mission killed twelve students and a teacher at columbine high school in a gun and bomb assault. The two gunmen then later killed themselves. 15 lives were lost.)

In loving memory of all the precious lives lost and those injured at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on this day, April 20, 1999. Let this candle continue to flicker always... to remind the world of what happened, as we hold in our hearts and prayers the memory of those who have gone. My support, care and compassion goes out for all in the community of Littleton, Colorado who have been affected by this terrible tragedy.

If we remember them all, then they can never leave us. Never let them go. They are waiting for us in that realm of pure blue, that mysterious place where earth meets the sky. Forever in our hearts, Never forgotten.

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And she was given inspiration from the blessed Holy Spirit and thus this site was created July 25, 2000.
"Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord." Psalm 150:6

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