Johnson Fork Boer Goats is a small ten acre family owned farm located in the hills of Eastern KY.  We are striving to better our herd.  Although our size is small,  as we consist generally of one herd sire and 6-10 breeding Does.   We do not feel that this puts us at a disadvantage in anyway. In fact we think it give us an edge to concentrate strongly on improving the herd.
We also have a strong passion for TWH's, we have two well bred mares and just thank the Lord for blessing us to have them.  And of course there was no escaping having a few cattle!   Also staring on our farm as with many "dogs" we have three Australian Cattle Dog's.
Please take a look around the farm, taking the time to sign our
We hope you enjoy your visit here and see something that interest you as well.

Carl D. Watkins &
Andrew D. Watkins
H.C. 62 Box 956 Salyersville, KY 41465
This site was created and designed by:  J.F. Boer Goats
Last updated:  July 16, 2003
Because we are moving,  we'v sold out of the Boer Goats.  We do have the buck left, who is 98% SA and 100 % Boer.  Anyone interested in him feel free to contact us.
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