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The Fairy's Marketplace is located in Eden,
in the Valley of Shangri-La, figuratively,
but in the human world it is located in
Oak View, California in the United States.
If you made it to this page, you might  want to order one of
the nature fairy's products. All orders are secure
and can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, 
Discovery, American Express, or by check or money order.

I am also a member of PayPal, which is my prefered way of payment 

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You may place your order for Fairy Potions, Fairy Vial, FairyJewels
Angel Jewelry, Steve's Custom Jewelry, or Crystal Jewelry
by emailing me at:


where I will give you
exact instructions for ordering.

Please note that I just started this site
at the end of January 2002, and am in the process
of setting up the marketplace. I hope to be able to offer
a very simple way of ordering by just clicking on a box
but for now I will only be able to accept orders through email
where I will give you instructions. I have sold many items over
the internet through ebay and have had
a retail store for over thirty years.  
So if you are interested in any products, please note their name
and emailing me telling me what product you would like.
Thank you and I hope that this doesn't cause you any problem.

A note about privacy: I respect your right to privacy,
and therefore do not sell or distribute any personal information
collected over this web site.


edebt.jpg (2356 bytes) Fairy Potions
edebt.jpg (2356 bytes)FairyJewels
edebt.jpg (2356 bytes)Vial Jewelry
  edebt.jpg (2356 bytes)Angel Jewelry
    edebt.jpg (2356 bytes)Crystal Jewelry
     edebt.jpg (2356 bytes)Custom Jewelry

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Airella, Fairy of  Air
# F-1
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Amora, Fairy of Love
# F-2
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Aurora, Fairy of Rainbows
# F-3
blossom  tiniest.GIF (48531 bytes)
Blossom, Fairy of Joy
# F-4

Quantity of  F-1

Quantity of  F-2

Quantity of  F-3

Quantity of   F-4 
crystal fairy .GIF (46545 bytes)
Crystal, Fairy of Earth
# F-5
Dawn, fairy of the dew.GIF (54426 bytes)
Dawn,  Fairy of Morning
# F-6
faith fairy .GIF (54053 bytes)
Faith, Fairy of Courage
# F-7
fawn fairy .GIF (55596 bytes)
Fawn, Fairy of Animals
# F-8
Quantity of   F-5 Quantity of   F-6 Quantity of   F-7 Quantity of   F-8
flora fairy.GIF (44483 bytes)
Flora, Fairy of Flowers
# F-9
flutter fairy.GIF (62746 bytes)
Flutter, Fairy of Butterflies
# F-10
galaxy fairy.GIF (41351 bytes)
Galaxy, Fairy of Stars
#  F-11
Goldie, tiniest .GIF (41517 bytes)
Goldie, Fairy of Prosperity # F-12
Quantity of   F-9 Quantity of   F-10 Quantity of   F-11 Quantity of   F-12
Copy of Luna, tiniest.jpg (14533 bytes)
Luna, Fairy of the Moon
# F-13
melodie fairy.GIF (43047 bytes)
Melodie, Fairy of Music
# F-14
robin fairy .GIF (51318 bytes)
Robin, Fairy of Birth
#  F-15
Sandy tiniest.GIF (45427 bytes)
Sandy, Fairy of Beaches
# F-16
Quantity of   F-13 Quantity of   F-14 Quantity of   F-15 Quantity of   F-16
serena fairy .GIF (45703 bytes)
Serena, Meditation Fairy  # F-17
Copy of shelley fairy .jpg (15357 bytes)
Shelley,  Fairy of Oceans
# F-18
sparkie fairy tiniest.GIF (35929 bytes)
Sparkie Fairy of Energy
# F-19
twilight fairy.GIF (35951 bytes)
Twilight, Fairy of Dreams
# F-20
Quantity of   F-17 Quantity of   F-18

Quantity of  F-19

Quantity of   F-20
Victoria, tiniest.GIF (49247 bytes)
Victoria, Fairy of Forests
# F-21

Each Fairy Potion is $5.00 and includes shipping & handling. Fairy Potions are magical blends of pure essential oils to enhance your life. Each one contains a potion, an enchantment, and a vision. The essential oils are packaged with its fairy picture, the essential oil in a vial,  made with pure essential oils in a jojoba oil base,  and  the nature fairy's story. Please see list of essential oils corresponding to each fairy,  what that magical blend promotes, and each of the Nature Fairies story  on the Fairy Potion page. Click on underlined Fairy Potion hyperlink or go to the end of page and click on Fairy Potions page hyperlink.

Quantity of   F-21 Total number of potionsat $5.00 each Grand Total $'s


Magical Vial Jewelry
anglebtl.jpg (11178 bytes) anglecloudbtl.JPG (13523 bytes) butterflybtl.JPG (18809 bytes)
Angel # B-1 Angel on Cloud # B-2 Butterfly # B-3
Quantity of   B-1 Quantity of   B-2 Quantity of   B-3
dolphibbtl.JPG (20378 bytes) dragonbtl.JPG (16173 bytes) eaglebtl.jpg (15728 bytes)
Dolphin # B-4 Dragon # B-5 Eagle # B-6
Quantity of   B-4 Quantity of   B-5 Quantity of   B-6
fairybtl.jpg (16084 bytes) hummingbirdbtl.JPG (15843 bytes) snakebtl.jpg (14557 bytes)
Fairy # B-7 Hummingbird # B-8 Snake # B-9
Quantity of   B-7 Quantity of    B-8 Quantity of   B-9
spiderbtl.JPG (16044 bytes) sunbtl.jpg (17513 bytes) turtlebtl.JPG (19491 bytes)
Spider in Web # B-10 Sun # B-11 Turtle# B-12
Quantity of   B-10 Quantity of   B-11 Quantity of   B-12
Total number of magical vialsat $12.00 each Grand Total $'s

All magical vials  are capable of being worn on a chain or cord. They also are flat on the bottom and can stand freely. The metal is Sterling Silver, the vial is glass ( its dimensions are 7mm x 30mm),and the stopper is cork. They come with their own unfilled vial and can hold the vials sold as fairy potions or they  can be refilled. You also can put whatever you like into them such as bubbles, glitter, perfume, colored water, etc. They are made in the USA, in California.  Each bottle is $12.00.




If you are interested in any products please email me at:





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Hope you enjoy your visit with the nature fairies. Thanks for stopping by.

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