The Romanov Faction.
Members of the Romanov Faction 2002:

Nicola Dante –  Sister of Nicolas Dante, bastard member of the Romanov family. Brash, opinionated, she excels at trading, drinking and fighting. She believes herself to above the peasants, and makes regular comment to them being more or less cannon fodder. She buys and sells people that she does not own. Generally likeable as long as you are on the same side as her, she made several enemies Neave knows of.

Nicolas Dante – Brother of Nicola Dante, bastard member of the Romanov family. He is the superior gentry with a roguish manner. His main thoughts are of himself, money, and getting laid. Mostly harmless, kind of a swashbuckler type, he was one of the only Romanov’s Neave did not heal from infighting.

Grigori Romanov – One of only 2 true blood Romanov’s in the camp. He was a quiet man, he did not get into fighting as often as the others, laughed at jokes, but when angered he could be irrational and quick to fire. He fought once with his cousin Nicola and both left with what could have been mortal wounds.

Alexander Romanov – One of the last to join the camp, he was quiet, conservative, and seemed to have plans of his own. He talked rarely, but when he did it was mostly to calm his family, except in the instance with Orion.

Taer'lyn - Taer'lyn the elf camps close to the Romanov's and shares the road with them. He is a ranger/scout/herbalist archer as far as Neave has seen. He is a generally quiet elf, but he seems animated and interested when talking to other elves.

Edmund A Wodwose - arrived the sunday night and camped with the Romanov's. He was the one who staked the vampire orion when he went out of control around the campfire. Hard to understand, but seems generally friendly.

Neave and her brother Karim also camp with the Romanov's unless Neave is visiting her husband Lord Flint, then she may well be anywhere. She travels annually with them on the good ship albatross across the continents past the lands of her birth.
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