History of the Local Towns.
Here are some web pages useful for information about the Real Life history of some of the local towns. This is mainly for the use of Dave and the crew, but if anyone wants to take a look at the history of the area you're gaming in then feel free to take a wander through. Any history that is relevant to the IC history of Cornovii I'm sure will be posted somewhere if not here.
Barnstaple - A web page on Barnstaple both old and new. It is a little sparse, but may be interesting for some of the traditions and landmarks.
History and museums of Devon - If it is half as detailed as it looks, its worth bookmarking if you're looking into the history of Devon. I will look further into this page and bring up any particularly good pages from it.
Crediton - History and location of Crediton.
Crediton (Kirton) History - The history of Crediton with background on St Boniface and his role in Crediton.
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