I've been growing Orchids for around 6 years. My main focus is primarily on Phragmipediums right now, but I also grow a lot of Paphiopedilums, and various other species here and there.

In all I have around 50 Orchids at the moment. The majority I buy from some of my favorite Nurseries over the Internet as well as local Greenhouses and an occasional Home Depot or Lowes plant if I find one that's interesting. Most of them are blooming size, or near blooming size plants. I do also have some seedlings from Compots and such as well.

I grow most of my Orchids in my Orchidarium and the rest stay under a two fixture 40 watt lighting setup until Spring comes around. Then I move the one's that are not in the Orchidarium into a huge room that I have which is mostly windows. I grow those on 4 tiered shelving units purchased from Lowes.

All of the photos on this site were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 Digital Camera and optimized with Adobe Photoshop Elements to bring out the flowers true color as best as possible.

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Bulb. lobbii 'Kathys Gold' AM/AOS

Source: Floradise Orchids
Potting: A little bit of moss/wooden basket

This plant was given to me by Steve as a birthday gift knowing that I like things on the weird side. This is one of the most well known of the Bulbophyllum species as well as one of the most well known clones being, 'Kathys Gold' AM/AOS.

lobbii has a very clever way of attracting it's pollinators. In the first picture you can see it well. The trianguler part of the flower, right in the middle if bumped or the wind blows moves as if on a lever like a pendulum back and forth. It's hard to describe but people who have been over know what I'm talking about and it's really neat.

I tried to get everyones opinions on what they think that the flower smells like as it has a very nice somewhat strong fragrance. Some said lavender but the majority said it smells like hunnysuckle. I still can't figure out what it smells like to me. Anyways, it's refreshing to smell it in the morning when you get up. I hope you all like these pics they aren't all that great but I tried.

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Paph. concolor

('Dandy' x 'Warrior')
Source: Pine Crest Orchids
Potting: Tindara Mix/ 4" clear plastic pot

This is a nice little yellow Paph species. When in bloom it carries from 1-3 flowers at a time. The variety regnerii has been known to carry up to 5 flowers at a time! It's not one of the smallest but it's still a very compact plant, the leaf span on mine being about 10". This is another plant that would fit well into someones windowsill orchid collection. As with delenatii you can get conolor for aroun $20-25 from some of the greenhouses on the Internet and elsewhere.

The leaves on concolor are attractive as well having a nice mottled pattern on top and very light and fine purple speckling underneath. This is a very easy species to grow and get to bloom, so again it's a good choice for people just starting out with Orchids or fr anyone that doesn't have it in their collection yet.

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Paph. delenatii

('Miss Saigon' x 'Vietnam')
Source: Norman's Orchids
Potting: Medium Bark Mix/ 3.25" clear square plastic pot

I loooooove delenatii. First a little background info. Almost all of the plants that were in cultivation during the 1990's came from self crossings of a plant from the Vacherot & Lecoufle collections from the 1920's. delenatii was then discovered again in the mid 1990's. The original selfings were of somewhat poor quality. The colors were usually pale, and the plants were somewhat harder to grow. The rediscovery of better delenatii's in Vietnam has lead to sib crosses which grow faster, with more vigor and better coloration.

In my case this sibs used in this cross are from the more recently discovered delenatii's. In my opinion, this is probably the best orchid for anyone to grow. The plants are very compact. They have been known to bloom with a leaf span of only 4 1/2"! They actually don't get much bigger than that. Besides the flower being beautiful and giving off the faint scent of raspberries, the leaves are beautiful as well. They have a great mottled pattern on top and heavy purple speckling underneath. It's really a great plant for anyone no matter what your conditions are. And they are cheap as well, running anywhere from $15-25 dollars from some of the Greenhouses online.

The colors in the two photos below are exactly the same as if you were looking at it in real life. Amazing!

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Paph. Lawless Walküre

(sanderianum x Pinocchio)
Source: Floradise Orchids
Potting: Small Bark Mix/ 5" green plastic pot

Can we say amazing!? This is a very intresting hybrid I don't know what to expect from this. The sanderianum x Pinocchio cross leads me to believe that maybe next year when it blooms it will carry more than just the two flowers. Both of the plants in this cross are multifloral in nature so it's hard to imagine it not having more than just two flowers. I'm also thinking next time it blooms the petals might be a bit longer but not by much.

I went pretty nuts on the photography. As you see I've posted a couple photos. I took probably 25 or so before deciding on these two so I hope you all enjoy them!

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Paph. fowliei

Source: Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc
Potting: Small Bark Mix/ 3.25" black plastic pot

Paphiopedilum fowliei is not grown by many people. I don't know why! I love this little flower. I have it sitting in front of my computer as I'm writing this. fowliei is one of the smallest Paph species, the leaf span on mine is only about 6" so you can really grow it pretty much anywhere that gets light. It has a second growth as well which bloomed previously to the one below. They are also really cheap as far as Paph species go. You can pick one up for around $20-25 bucks on the Internet. If you decide to get one you wont be disappointed!

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