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The Truth Is Out There
If you are looking at this site then you want to know the truth. If you are reading this because you think Im crazy you need to OPEN YOUR MIND.  In the section below and on the next page this I will keep you up to date on the latest Conspiracies and Developments in the Paranormal.
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Now if you read my guestbook you would know that I recently got a request to do an article on the egyptian pyramids by Medo so here it is and thanks for the sugestion.
    Many scientist say that if modern man were to try to duplicate the great pyramids we would fall short.  Each stone ways one to twenty pounds, and the Great Pyramid has over 100,000 of the large stones.  But if we couldn't do it now with all of our technology how did the ancient Egyptians.  Maybe a race for beyond us did it for them or maybe the Egyptians weren't as lazy as modern man.  Another point I feel must be explored is that the sides of the pyramid all point to the four cardinal directions.  The entrance points to true north, which is more amazing because how did the egyptians know the Earth was tilted on its axis.  Back when the the pyramids were first built they aligned perfectly with the Orion's Belt. Now why would the egyptions do that?  It is as if someone was making a map for themselves when they came back.  There are many more points to be made but I just want to make this final one, there are no hieroglyphics in the pyramids.  This doesn't make sense because the egyptians had there writing everywhere why not inside the pyramids. There are hieroglyphics on the outside but egyptolgists say they are the eqivalient of graffiti. Possible whoever built them didn't know the local langauge so they didn't know what to say. Just keep an OPEN MIND look at things from all the angles.
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Recently the BHA (British Humanist Association)  has objected to the relaxation of rules on paranormal and religious tv programs.  Eleven months ago the Independent Television Commission released a set of rules that wouldn't be put up with here in the US and in a few other places my intenataional readers maybe from.  The rules are intended to prevent audiences like children from being led believe in things such as ghosts and exorcisms. ofcom wants to get rid of many of these rules.  I personally am with Ofcom probally being an American i am use to freedom such as those, though i don't mean to offend any one.  As you can see this is controversal subject but people should know the truth but many goverments don't like the idea of people opening there minds.
The Truth Is Out There
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