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Monetizing - Make Money from Your Blog or Website

Bloggers can earn money through various techniques. Learn to take advantage of passive or active income. Create mutiple blogs or websites and gain more. Write interesting content and keep visitors attracted.


AdBrite is very good alternative to google adsense. It works pretty much the same. Create a publisher or advertiser account. Place ads on your blog or site as a publisher. Buy text or image ads to be placed on other website to attract visitors.


Make Money with Blog Advertising

Advertising your blog or website is an important part of making money. Without buying and selling ads your blog or site will not achieve quick popularity and not produce the results you would like to see.



Google adwords is probably the most commonly method of buying ads online. There are many different avenues to take on buying ads. Do not stop there. Search for popular legit websites offering text or image ads. Here is a few others places to check out.


Facebook Ads is a very popular site people use. Why not place ads there.


Text Link Ads is a FREE link exchange service designed to provide you with access to thousands of link exchange partners in our directory. Our service is simple: Register for an account and create a link directory page on your web site.


Get Paid to Blog and Sell Merchandise


 Make money by publishing paid posts and selling products.

Amazon Associates

 Make money advertising amazon products. Earn up to 15% in referrals.


Another great place worth looking. 


Cafe Press

cafe press

The world's favorite place to find or make unique T-shirts and gifts.


 CafePress is a Web site that makes it easy for you to sell custom products and merchandise through your blog. You can either upload your own designs to be printed on products like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and more, or you can sell items with designs offered through CafePress. Since items are printed on demand (when people order them), you don't have to worry about inventory management. You can even set up your own online store and fill it with the items you want to sell through CafePress.


Get free traffic to your website or blog

There are many ways to pay for traffic to your site or blog. There are also free methods of gaining popularity. Traffic echanges are usally free and very easy to use tools to take advantage of. Manual and automatic traffic echanges are the two different types of exchanges. Here are some free sites to check out.







Sitebuilder Elite

What if you knew there was a piece of software that would create dynamic, unique websites, optimized for Adsense, customizable as you need with options for adding other affiliate revenue streams, and you could create such a website with the click of a button?
And all without needing to know HTML or PHP?





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