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-January 3rd Land Rover
-January 3rd Mack Model U Dump Truck
-January 3rd Quick Unload Dump Trucks
-January 3rd Pacific Northern Railway
-January 3rd Starbucks Coffee Shops
-January 3rd Trolley System
-January 3rd Toastercat's Deli
-January 3rd SAFD

Government Agencies:

-Eagle Hollow Fire Dept.
-Shiningston Area Fire Department
-Shiningston Fire Department
-Shiningston Police
-Shiningston Public Transportation
-Shiningston Public Works
-Water Dept. & Board of Light & Power


-Amoco Gas Station
-Bank Of Shiningston
-China Town
-Church (Faith Unknown right now)
-Grain Tower
-Pacific Northern Corporation
-Pacific Northern Railway
-Pyramid Study
-Shell Gas Station
-Spamcake Diner's
-Specular Theather
-Starbucks Coffee Shops
-Toastercat's Deli



-Yellow Rice Rocket
-CAT 980G Series II Wheel Loader
-Sander/Snow Plow #1
-Freightliner Semi Cabs
-Grey hot rod
-Land Rover
-Lynx Medivac Helicopter
-Mack Model U Dump Truck
-Tracked Crane
-Tracked Digger
-Trolley System
-Quick Unload Dump Trucks

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City Of Shiningston

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03-JAN-04 New updates... SAFD is online now, I will soon hide the SFD & EHFD inside of it...
31-OCT-03 Halloween train showing delayed due to unforseen delays... coming as soon as possible...
30-OCT-03 (date format change...) Chinatown I has been officialy condemmed, it will be dismantled, and the parts used for a new scene. The light yellow / purple interior bar will be rebuilt, & used for a later redesign for Chinatown, to be ChinatownV2... The new scene to be built is going to be a single track wooden trestle for trains, around 96 studs long, and 15 bricks high...
9-24-03 Special MOC coming in October!! Come back to see it at the end of October! Many other things are moving along fast, the San Diego Santa Fe Station looks like it'll be in the starting stage soon, as I have most of the peices I'll need. Also I have 2 skyscrapers planned, and other various building ideas... I've started working on LRV's or Trolley's, and a few vehicles to come soon too...
8-19-03 Updates on the way! I have free time now to work on the site... New images, pages, & links coming by September 1st.
8-5-03 New scenes, buildings & vehicles coming soon! Old buildings are being taken apart. Streets will be tile built, the town is raised up by 3 bricks of "terra-forming". Come back soon for pics! The Amoco will stay, with an added Shell, a 7 Eleven. Chinatown, industries...
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     Shiningston, first created in 1988, when I built a police station, which I thought at the time was huge. It had a small 2nd story with a working elevator to get to it. Within months it got demolished, and became a hotel, with 3 stories, a pool, restarant...
     Summer 1991 came my real turn over. I switched to being more realistic, no more colorful buildings, oh I HAD to have them built with one color only. Between 1991 and 1996 I built & rebuilt small 3 walled, lego style buildings.
     Summer 1996 was a change for me, I moved away from my fathers house, so I couldn't be around my lego as much. During the summers of '96-'99 I kinda built on & off, when I was at my father's house, Shiningston continued to grow.
     1999, I returned, Shinington transformed again. I went into "super detail" mode. I switched to 8 wide trains in the late months, and Early 2000 went into 4 walls & a complete roof on my buildings.
     Between 2000 & Sept 2002, Shiningston transformed into an almost living, breathing city. I multiplied fire engines, & trains, and started designing some massive buildings.
     Sept 2002 I left for Marine Corps Bootcamp, packing all of Shiningston into boxes. Spring of 2003, I have returned to Shiningston, and since have been assembling building, cars, trucks, fire engines, trains, and more, ready to show off Shiningston once again. The whole city has been redesigned with a 3 to 4 brick "terra-forming" base underneath.

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