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 highlightsThis is the most amazing and exciting trip to machupicchu with bike and trek, we can discover more adventures among the mountains, valleys, rivers and crossing smalls villages, coca plantations, coffee and a lot of kind of fruits ...walking on the old real inka trail which connect to the city of the Incas, we will take also a relaxing bath in the hot spring which is good for rheumatism, this trip definitely is considered one of the adventure rote to machupicchu where we will observe daily living of Andean and local people... doing this kind of trips we can contribute with local people, buying some fruits, mineral water, also we always use the local restaurants and familiar hostels... as we already know they are always grateful with our guest.



    we will pick you up between 7:30 to 8.00 am,  then we will leave the city seeing beautiful natural surroundings with rolling hills until we reach the town of Chinchero overlooking the Sacred Valley at about 2700 m.a.s.l.
    After descending this mountainside we arrive to a brief stop at Ollantaytambo where we start the 46 km. uphill to the ABRA MALAGA (Mountain Pass at 4350 m.a.s.l.) approx. at 11:00am, the starting point again to our downhill, just in case the weather be not good for riding bikes due to haze, raining or snow, we'll go further down with the bus for about 30 more minutes to the next place being the hamlet of “Carrizales” where we'll rest a bit and get lunch, after that we will descend to the hot valley of the high jungle towards QUILLABAMBA, this downhill will last about 5 hours, passing by little rustic villages, ravines, fruit groves and streams arriving in a small village (Santa Maria) where we will append our first night.
    we will get a healthy breakfast to start walking over a flat area by the Urubamba riverside for about 1 hour. Then we continue to go up the route 3 more hours taking the ancient Inka jungle trail, a rustic and rough road full of rocks and stones (with some steps on it), crossing the river using old Oroyas (Cablecar bridges) and footbridges... we can observe various wild animals of the region like birds, fruits & medicine plants like, then arriving to the hamlet of Qellumayu where we will rest and have lunch, After that we will go on with our trek walking by the river two more hours to the hot springs…We will relax  for about 1 hour and continue walking 30 more minutes to arrive to SANTA TERESA town, approx. at 6:00pm and spend another night.


    We wake up at 5:00 a.m. and have a good breakfast, after break in the hot springs, will ready the whole rafting equipments, the professional guide will give you some instructions and recommendations, where we begin to level 4 and so on until you reach level 5, during 4 hours rafting, between the towns of Santa Teresa-Santa Maria, after lunch we continue our expedition to machupicchu village called “Aguas Calientes “where we spend our last night.

    We will wake up at 4:30 am to have enough time to climb the steep path to MACHU PICCHU Sanctuary in about 1:30 h. and enjoy the sunrise, then you will get private guide within the citadel of Machu Picchu for 2hours approximately, after that you can wander freely until noon to relax, take snapshots, walk and also climb up to Wayna Picchu summit or just stroll to the Intipunku or the Inka’s Drawbridge.
    We will return to” machupicchu pueblo” according of the horary come back could be 2:26 pm, 18:03pm, 19:00pm or another horary, booking your trip you will get more information and we will be glad to receive your suggestions.


    • Personalized service assistance.
    • Private transportation.
    • Rafting equipments.
    • Professional guides in rafting level 5
    • Bike with front suspension, helmets and gloves.
    • 3 A, 3 C and 3 D.
    • 2 nights in a shelter home.
    • One night in Machupicchu town hostel (with private bathroom and hot water).
    •  Entrance fee to Machupicchu.
    • Professional guide
    • Return train from Machupicchu Pueblo - Ollantaytambo.
    • First aid kit.
    • Bus from Ollantaytambo - Cusco.
    • Train from hydroelectric - Machupicchu Pueblo (day 3).

    doesn't include

    • Bus Ticket To Machupicchu (U.S. $ 14.00).
    • Breakfast, lunch on the first day and the last day.
    • Snack and meals extra.
    • Ticket to the hot springs of Santa Teresa $ 10.00.


    • Clothes to avoid the cold.
    • Sports Apparel (01 pair each).
    • Shoes for walking.
    • Water purification tablets.
    • Camera or film camera.
    • Insect repellant.
    • Hat or cap.
    • Sunglasses.
    • Rain poncho.
    • Extra Money.
    • Standard Travel Bag.
    • Sun block.

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