Audrey took a seven-year hiatus from filmmaking while married to Dotti.  A year after marrying him, they had a son, Luca Dotti. She was not with Dr. Dotti while she was on bedrest.  She was in Switzerland.  Rumors of Dotti's wandering eye got to Audrey, but she did not let them get her down.  She went back to Rome to prove that her family came first.
     However, in 1976, Audrey decided to take the leading role in
Robin and Marian.  The film starred her opposite Sean Connery.  She played a mature Maid Marian, who has become a nun, and Connery played an older Robin Hood.  Audrey liked the film, though the working conditions were more difficult than it had been in the past.  In 1979, she played in Bloodline.  Her costar, Ben Gazzara, offered Audrey comfort.  He helped her cope with the fact that her marriage to Dr. Dotti was not going to work.
     A little over ten years after being married, Audrey divorced Andrea Dotti.  Before their divorce, Audrey had met the man who she'd spend the rest of her life with.  He was Robert Wolders, who was
Merle Oberon's widow.  Audrey was aglow whenever Wolders was near.  The two were a very happy couple.  They could be seen at various events, wtih their arms locked, both appearing very happy.
     Several years after starting a relationship with Wolders, Audrey was given an invitation that meant a great deal to her.  She, being a child whose life was changed by war, wanted desperately to give back to those who had given help to her.  She got her opportunity to do so when she became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 1988.  She went to Bangladesh, El Savador, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Vietnam.  Each of the areas had severe problems concerning the health of the children residing there.  Audrey was enthusiastic about shedding light on the desperate situations in the places she visited.  She was eager to help as much as she could with the project.
Audrey and Dotti on their wedding day
Playing a nun was not new territory for Audrey in Robin and Marian (shown here with Sean Connery)
Audrey and Gazzara in Bloodline
Audrey with her companion, Robert Wolders
Audrey as Goodwill Ambassador, seen here with children of different ethnicities
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