Companion Dog Excellent - CDX 
Amisfeld - Maxine Young                                                              
Agility Dog - AD
Catrine - by Ruth Lieshout                                                           Catrine - Ruth Lieshout
Collessie - Glenys Lindsay                                                          Cardean - Wayne Dunlop
Cardean - Wayne Dunlop                                                           Dalavich - Christina Pope
Dalavich - Christina Pope                                                            Falaise - Maxine Young
Falaise - Maxine Young                                                                  Nipper - Sue Willis
Ferness - John Young 
Fannick - Judy Casey 
Farlane - Raewyn Muir                                                             
Agility Dog Excellent - ADX
Glamis - Nick Milsum                                                                 Fannick - Judy Casey
Gaiety Girl - Lynn McKay                                                           Glamis - Nick Milsum
Glen Alisa - Mike Johnson                                                         Gaiety Girl - Lynn McKay
Glendaruel - Chris van der Vegte                                                  Hanley - Geoff Gillies
Jazz's Girl - Sylvia Bow                                            Quik Fyre Rhed - Alannah Knapp - ADX Adv Silver
Kaelee - Lee Gradwell                                                              Wasn't Me - Dyson Beasley
Menta - Maxine Young 
Neeva - John Young 
Nipper - Sue Willis                                                                         
Utility Dog - UD
Out N Out Gossip - Ann Chester                                                  Cardean - Wayne Dunlop
Oh Go For Gold - Sharlene  
Orsum Odie - John Young 
Quik Hiland Piper - Pat Kirkbride                                                  
Utility Dog Excellent - UDX
Quik Fyre Rhed - Alannah Knapp                                                        Nipper - Sue Willis
Q'In On The Frewae - Terri Robson 
Sacramenta - Mike Cotton 
Serenity - Margaret Murray                                                        
Working Dog Excellent - WDX
Simply Swizz - Maxine Young                                                            Nipper - Sue Willis
Supreme Merlot - Liz Jupp 
Sun 'O' Menta - Michellel Le Bas 
Try To Dazzle - Mark Thornton                                              
Titles gained of dogs handled by John
Wasn't Me - Dyson Beasley                                                             Ob Ch Jazzla Dwana CDX
Winter Gold - Bernadette Thompson                                                Ob Ch Sule Skerry Ailsa CDX
Zestful Maiyah - Dawn Prattley                                                          Ferness of Heidsa CDX
                                                                                                   Neeva of Heidesa CDX TCQ
Test C Qualified - TCQ                                                               Orsum Odie of Heidesa CDX TCQ
Neeva - John Young 
Orsum Odie - John Young 
Young One Tia Maria - Maxine Young                                       
Titles gained of dogs handled by Maxine
Quik Fyre Rhed - Alannah Knapp                                                 Ob Gr Ch Gainsfeld Lisa Rose CDX
                                                                                                Ob Gr Ch Amisfeld of Heidesa CDX
Obedience Champion                                                         Ob Ch  Ob Gr Ch Falaise of Heidesa CDX AD
Fannick - Judy Casey                                                                  Ob Gr Ch Jalain Spin For Gold CDX
Nipper - Sue Willis                                                                             Menta of Heidesa CDX
Out N Out Gossip - Ann Chester                                      Bordercheck Dazzling Tri (Imp Aust) CDX TCQ
Q'In On The Frewae - Terri Robson                                        Ob Ch Simply Swizz of Heidesa CDX
Simply Swizz - Maxine Young                                               Young One Tia Maria of Heidesa CDX TCQ
Try To Dazzle - Mark Thornton 
Wishful Wispa - Carol Howell 
X-Factor Sunkist - Janna MacInnes 
Zestful Maiyah - Dawn Prattley 
Obedience Grand Champion - Ob Gr Ch
Amisfeld - Maxine Young 
Falaise - Maxine Young 
Gaiety Girl - Lynn McKay 
Q'In On The Frewae - Terri Robson
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