WBC Scenario

The Six Turn Tournament Scenario

History:  This scenario was created by eliminating the last two turns of the eight turn tournament scenario.  This was done in reaction to experience garnered at the WBC where matches would commonly go over the 5 hour round limit.  The first extensive tournament test will be the Little Wars tournament to be run in Northern Virginia in November of 2001.

Play Balance:  I'm not sure but I think the US is favored.  Heavily.  

Victory Conditions:  The Germans win if they get 3 or more Victory Points (VPs).

Eliminating US units and preventing elimination of German mech units  (2 possible VPs)
Capturing a fuel dump (1 VP)
Capturing and occupying at game's end one or more VP towns.  (9 possible, including Stavelot.)

I consider these VP objectives unreachable against experienced US players:  Neufchateau, Eupen, Spa, Bastogne, Stoumont, and the Samree fuel dump.

Having less than 4 German mechanized units eliminated is a 'gimme' VP for the German player. 

Maybe:  Trois Pont, Stavelot, Parker's Crossroads, Ourth Bridgehead hex.

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