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Bitter Woods

"On December 16th, 1944, Germany launched its last, desperate offensive in the West.  Seven Panzer and thirteen infantry divisions burst out of the Ardennes and swept through the surprised and thinly held American line.  In the most dramatic and bloodiest battle of the West, the American Army would soon slow and then stop the spearheads of Hitler's elite panzer armies.

Bitter Woods recreates the critical first eleven days of this historic struggle.  Specific rules include: Mechanized Exploitation Movement, Bridge Demolition and construction, Kampfgruppe Peiper Breakout, Skorzeny Infiltration, Random Events, Hidden Fuel Dumps, Reserves, Leader Units, Air Power and Artillery Support."  --  Summary from the Publisher

Suitability for PBEM:  Using ADC2, I have played over twenty games of Bitter Woods.  The sequence of play is relatively straightforward and is very close to that used in face-to-face play.  Each player turn will consist of the following mailings:  movement, combat orders, combat advances and mechanized exploitation, and finally, bridge and dump demolitions.

Campaign Summary:  The German player must strive to reach the Meuse and then breach it if he can.  Along the way he must take two of three key objectives:  St. Vith, Bastogne, and Marche.  Powerful mechanized forces are available but the terrain does much to channel, and hinder, his assault.  My approach to victory to is to focus on attritioning the US forces at all costs with particular attention being paid to the US Artillery arm.  The last few days of the campaign game will see the US having a tremendous advantage in air power and artillery which will be constantly pushing back German spearheads. 

Eight-turn Tournament Scenario Summary:  The staple for the PBEM and the WBC events, this scenario is balanced with a high degree of tension between players of comparable skill levels.  Modifications are planned to support 5-hour timed tournament rounds.

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