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December 16 AM
December 16 PM
December 17 AM
December 17 PM
December 18 AM
December 18 PM
December 19 AM
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This Bitter Woods "Series Replay" features a Campaign game played in the first half of 2001.  Images and commentary were originally facilitated through ConsimWorld (CSW).  All optional rules were used.  (I don't think anybody considers them 'optional' anymore.)

The Participants:

Allies:          John Grant - An avid BW player, he was my second BW opponent ever, way back in December of 1999.  (Michael Arrighi was earlier by a few days.)  He's obviously an experienced player but also a gaming gentleman!  I seem to always be the Germans against him but my Allied play is heavily based on some of the things he's shown me.

German:      Tom Gregorio - Also a fan of the BW system, I've always been interested in Bulge games.  After enjoying some campaign games with Bob Ryan, I thought I'd be ready to compete with a wily veteran like John in the 'long game'.  As Bruno can attest to, I'm not so much a student of history as much as someone trying to master rules and a game system to further the goal of winning.  Hopefully this doesn't cause any hard feelings as I'd rather lose and have fun then win in an unseemly fashion.

ModeratorRandy Heller - The designer of Bitter Woods, he was gracious enough to serve as the moderator.  Randy is a Connoisseur of all that is 'Bulge-like'; he is the ultimate authority on the game and it's rules.  Randy is also the number one AREA ranked BW player and is always eager to spend time showing a new comer how to get up to speed quickly in the game.

Eleven Dark Days in December:

Note:  All pictures represent end of turn positions.  Click on a thumbnail to get a more detailed view of the battlefield but please be aware that the detailed maps can take up to a minute to load over a 56K internet connection.  I have chosen to only display active portions of the map to minimize load times.

December 16 AM ] December 16 PM ] December 17 AM ] December 17 PM ] December 18 AM ] December 18 PM ] December 19 AM ] December 19 PM ] December 20 AM ] December 20 PM ] December 21 AM ] December 21 PM ] December 22 AM ] December 22 PM ] December 23 AM ] December 23 PM ] December 26 AM ]

Credits:  Thanks to Randy and John for participating in this endeavor.  Appreciation is also being given to John Kranz for hosting the Series Replay on CSW and pointing out some HTML improvements.  And, of course, I can't but help mentioning the ideas about the game and the web site that I've mooched from Bob Ryan.  Finally, thanks to those in the Bitter Woods community for putting up with me both on and off the Ardennes battlefield.


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