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"We Gamble Everything!" -- von Rundstedt

Avalon Hill's Last Game...

This site is dedicated to documenting some of my activity 'in the Bitter Woods'.  The highlighted feature of this site is the Bitter Woods Series Replay match I had with John Grant.  As I think of other things that belong here, I'll put them up.

Since most free web site providers don't like you using their resources without some sort of 'compensation', please be tolerant of the ads that are sure to be associated with Bitter Woods - Online!

I welcome any and all comments; please sign the guestbook or just view other folks comments.  


                                --  Tom 

Site History:  

October 8, 2001:  Added 22PM, 23AM to Series Replay.

September, 2001:  Continued on Series Replay, added strategy pages.

August 2001:  Created basic framework for site, starting posting BW Series Replay.


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