Pictured above is our beautiful girl, she a line bred bitch to some of Australia's finest UK Imported dogs. She also carries one line which is a triple up on our dear old dog, Australian Grand Champion Glemorian Alair "Barney".  She is a lovely black brindle bitch with excellent temperment, type, pigmentation and mouth. We are proud to have bred her  and she is the result of careful line breeding inwhich we are more than happy with the results we got from this mating. Below is a copy of her pedigree.  Stay tuned to updates on Froggys page. She should be out in the show ring, but after so many years out there and the nastiness of peoples gossip that today still exists ive decided iam not going to allow her to be hurt by these people, Ave and Myself love this little girl to bits and just breeding and loving her is enough to make us happy, maybe she will come out at the Stafford Champs Shows next year. But at the moment shes happy at home being loved and really spoilt.
Froggys Show Results
Multi Puppy of Breed and Puppy of Groups
1st in Class of 12, and Op Sex Puppy in Show
at the Queensland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Open Show
Froggy has only had a few shows and each time she walks out there she isnt put last in line, she usually wins puppy of breed and her class each time shown, but still she is only shown a few times.
Frog at the Staffy Show winning Op Sex Puppy in Show.....
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