This lovely girl to the left, was our very first home bred champion, Australian Champion Gayleastaff All Style "Sox", she  found it really easy to obtain her australian title she was bred out of Aust Grand Champ Glemorian Alair.......  We then after her show career, mated her back to her father inwhich we got out next two Australian Champions. Both pups we kept went on to become champions, the female being one of the youngest to very obtain their title at 8 months of age.     Rest in Peace my beautiful Sox!!!
This lovely male to the left is the son i talked about above, he is the result of a father daughter mating to Australian Grand Champion Glemorian Alair, he is our 3rd home bred champion.  Tojo was a beautiful dog to own, we are so proud of him and the fact that we bred him,  as he grew up, he didnt get along with his dad, and as i dont have kennels or wish to, as my dogs are house dogs, i had to place him out, he went to a family in nsw where he recently passed on from age.    Rest in Peace Lovely Boy!!!!!!
This beautiful girl is the litter sister to Tojo above, she blitzed the show ring, obtaining her title at 8months of age.  Keyarni to her friends, was the 4th generation of champion girls for me.  Today Keyarni is 8 years old and resides with good friends of mine, where she is the only dog to be spoilt and loved.  She was also our second homebred champion......... Stay happy my beautiful girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This lovely boy to the left now, iam sure you know isnt a Stafford, but he is part of Gayleastaff's Past and we love him just as much and miss him just as much as all our staffords.  Well this little dogs name was Billy, we bought him in from Western Australia from a breeder Mrs G Pick "Ravanian Frenchies", we waited 2 years as they dont get bred alot, and when he finally arrived Billy was just like a stafford very much the same temperment and just as much love, we loved, showed and cared for him unil he passed on, we still today miss this little ball of engery.    Rest in Peace our Pretty Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This now to the left is Ch Orazz Maid oth Mill or  known as Milly, we bought her in for show and to match up with our dog Gr Champion Glemorian Alair for furture breeding , but on the showing side, Milly found it hard to win, but eventually obtaining 101 challenge points she made her australian title and that was the day also we retired Milly from the show ring, as it was no use keeping her out there when she couldnt beat her younger daugthers that had now been up for challege points too.  She went on to produce us 2 Champions when mating her  to Gr Ch Glemorian Alair, whom is line bred to Ch Parkstaff Colonial Boy Imp Uk .  Milly now has passed on.......   Rest in Peace Mill
This to the left now is Ch Orazz Miners Mistress   Holly to her friends, we obtained Holly at 2 years of age, from Glemorian Kennels .    When we obtained Holly she had no challege points and so we decided to show her, successfully she obtained her Championship Title.   Holly went on to live a happy loved life , but now sadly also shes passed on.     Rest in Peace Holly 
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