Pictured above is Australian Grand Champion Glemorian Alair, "Barney" to his friends. This dog was and is one of the biggest winning Staffords in history. He has thousands of Challenge points and Multi Best Exhibits in Show all all levels. Some of his highlights was winning BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW  at the 10th Anniversry Staffordshire Bull Terrier Championship Show under breed specialist Ms K Reeder (Gamester) and aslo taking out BEST OF BREED and BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP at the Brisbane Royal Show under and International Judge, and then going on to get RUNNER UP BEST OF THE BEST, TRANS TASMAN SHOW in New South Wales under a panel of 5 Judges. Barneys show record is to numerous to put on to one page, but those who know him, knows his record. Not only did he suceed in the show ring but he did on his breeding side, hes produced many, many champion children and also to date, 3 Grand Champion sons and a few nearly there.  All his children carry that special trait, the good soundness, type, temperment and love that their dad has. Barney is a lovely line bred do to Champion Parkstaff Colonial Boy (Imported Uk) this dog has been the full goodness of Barneys success in the showring and the breeding side.  Today Barney is 13 years old and loves relaxing at home, but he sure does miss the show ring, sometimes we enter him in the veteran class just to give him some of the show ring that he loved so much. Its sad to see these great dogs age, but like everything we all have to grow old...... A special thanks to Greg and Linda Morton"Glemorian Staffords'  for giving us the chance to own, show and love this magnificant dog.......... LOVE YA DAGS
This Photo above is just some of Barneys Medilions and Ribbons won at Stafford Speciality shows and Avents.
This photo is of Barney today, just enjoying life at the tender age of 13  Love ya Old Boy!!!!!!
This photo again to the left is more of Barneys ribbons and trophies, he just won so much, far to much to put on one website.   Hes an amazing dog.  
Now for some of his trophies, this is all we could fit in a photo and iam sure you dont want to see them all. 
This above is his ribbons from when he took out Best of Breed and Best Exhibit in Group at the Brisbane Royal show.  Like Barney so many of his children have gone on to do the same as their dad and hes so proud of them.
This photo above is Barney taking out Best Exhibit in Show at the 10th Anniversary Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show, under breed specialist Kerrie Reeder "Gamester Kennels". Also on the day his son, our other dog, Ch Gayleastaff Barney Boy, took out Best Baby in Show.  We did well   Good on ya boys!!!
The Day you went Away
We will never forget the love and happiness you gave us,
Not a day goes by without our thoughts of you old boy,
Many tears have been cried and questions asked why!!
We will be together
again one day.  You was always the most perfect dog to own, you made loving easy and i can honestly say there had never been a time when you did something wrong, you where just perfect in every way........  Your memory will live on forever in my mind and heart.  We all love and miss you dearly at Gayleastaff............ Rest in Peace our Beautiful Boy
Please note, unless you where present to know the facts of this loss, please refrain from gossip as it hurts hard enough to have lost this great dog, without the hurt of gossip.  Please have a Heart.......... 
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