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This site is currently under construction but will eventually have information about various things that make life interesting for me. Latest updates are in bold
  • Ducati Motorcycles-This link updated 20:24 05/02/01
  • Fly Fishing for trout and pike-This link updated 16:44 01/11/00
  • Fly Tying-this link updated 16:33 03/11/00-Now with a fly tying sequence
  • Water Skiing-This link updated 15:39 22/03/2004 with "Tournament Waterskiing" and More Video Reviews
  • Radio controlled Helicopters-This link updated 22:07 18/03/2004

  • links to other top sites including
    Ade's Vauxhall Vectra V6 A Brand New Site about Hot Cars,Helis and waterskiing
    Andy's Leisure Site Pike Fishing, Water skiing, Kite Buggying, Jet Engines etc
    DynoPower All about gas turbines, nitrous systems & Andy's mate Willy
    Rosie's HobbiesOne for the kids- My daughter's web page which is currently being updated for a teenage audience....may the Lord preserve us from teenagers!!!!!!
    Andy Hardy's Homepage Among other things our mate Andy is into online computer games. There should be some good stuff coming as this site develops.

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