04.23.06 Previous gestbooks: 1 and 2.

11.30.05 Final Update: Phew! it's been a LONG while. but since i probably won't be updating site anymore, i'll explain who I am - contrary to popular believe, I am 19 (at this date), a girl, and chinese. *big shock* anyway enjoy the site! and bye bye!

6.17.04 updates will be rare now because i'll be enjoying my summer before university begins. I've learned much about HTML through the process of humouring leafs fans. It's a win-win situation!

5.26.04 Hockey is now played out in the west and down south. siiiiiigh...so far. People in Tampa were apparently lining up since friday to get finals tickets.

5.17.04 Go Calgary!! You were Canada's only hope.

5.4.04 I'm going to 'canada's wonderland' tomorrow, heart of leaf nation...poor me. I'll think of this picture to keep my spirits up: (ps. a new cartoon has been inserted into the 2:00 Penaltyarea, enjoy the leaf bashing)

5.4.04 OUCH...got beat by philly again. TO can't beat Philly, Ottawa can't beat TO, and Philly can't beat Ottawa. its a vicious cycle.

4.22.04 lost in 7 again...tough pill to swallow. Well congrats to ed belfour's triumph over the sens, and I'll be jumping on the philly bandwagon for the next round.

4.11.04 After last nights game, Don Cherry must've been yelling - Domi's beautiful glove goal MUST BE COUNTED, see THIS is what's wrong with the NHL, not recognizing a top glove scorer when ya see one! - except, of course, CBC cut it off cus of the seven second tape delay.

4.9.04 The guestbook is no longer full. you can still click view previous entries

4.3.04 Team 1200 released a new song called 'leafs suck', click here to hear it.

3.30.04 I did some 'research' for those who are not convinced about HNIC's favouring of the leafs (hard to belive there are still some out there). CBC shows 27 leafs games this season - compared with Montreal's 12 games (6 of which are against the leafs) and ottawa's 14 (4 against the leafs). Edmonton gets 14, Clagary gets 11, and Vancouver gets 15.

"Ottawa's Official Leafs Suck Radio Station", starts selling beautiful "leafs suck" T-shirts March 26th. Click the picture to find out more.
3.21.04 From TSN>
Pat Quinn continues to spit out BS about the ref's unfairness as he awaits the NHL's decision on Belak's "bone-headed slash to the face of Avs defenceman Ossi Vaananen".
"Quinn feels his team is being severely penalized for playing the kind of hockey that has made them a Cup contender."
- hahahahaha...cup contender

3.17.04 From the Ottawa Sun:
City Hall To Leafs Fans: Bud Out! "Back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth...the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup...city committee passed a resolution banning the wearing of Leafs jerseys in the Corel Centre...Hopefully, they can take a joke better than Don Cherry of Pat Quinn."

3.16.04 The refurnishing took less time than expected. The site's name has been changed to Leafs Lovers In Canada so suit the theme and to reflect Hockey Night In Canada's obvious bias.

The song IDIOT NATION pretty much sums up what we feel about the lowly Leafs. Previously the song we had was from the Team 1200 named "All the leafs stink", if you haven't heard it, click=>

artist: Brian Malone

buy the cd      

Rivalry is not the pure reason. I don't hate the buffalo sabers because they don't have cocky Nolan; I don't hate the Boston Bruins because they don't have stick-whacking Belfour; and I don't hate the Montreal Canadiens because they're not a team of cheap shots. In fact, every other team in the league is fine and dandy.

What's wrong with the league? The Leafs are what's wrong with the league. Once they tumble onto the ice, hockey becomes invisible. Hooking, grabbing, holding, tripping, crosschecking, roughing...name it, and the Domi and Tucker couple will gladly do it. Yet they whine and cry out unfairness that the Leafs are the most penalized team.

Forget about making visors mandatory. Get rid of the Leafs. The amount of high-sticking injuries will be significantly reduced.

I am fed up of watching Toronto's wrestling matches on ice every Saturday night, and sick of listening to Pat Quinn spit out unbelievably lame excuses whenever I tune in to Sportsnet News. The Leafs are an embarrassment to hockey, embarrassment to the league, and an embarrassment to Canada.

"Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe"...right. What's next? Flying pigs?

This site does NOT represent the views of CBC (obviously) and has nothing to do with the CBC (fortunately). It is established purely for the purpose of making fun of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but no harm's done by mocking Hockey Night In Canada on the side.
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